Excedrin Migraine: An Overview of a Non-Prescription Approach to Migrain Pain Relief

Migraine headaches affect 16-17% of the population at least once in the course of a person’s lifetime. To eliminate early onset of headache pain or relieve full migraine pain, use Excedrin Migraine. Provided as a non-prescription approach to pain relief, Excedrin Migraine reduces pain within 30 minutes. FDA approved for migraine treatment, Excedrin Migraine, will have you back to performing daily living activities, pain free, in no time at all.

With frequent migraine pain, each passing day was spent utilizing prescription medications that would leave me drowsy and unable to function at work and at home. Unfortunately, many over the counter products offered no relief in pain and I felt I had no option except to turn to my doctor for advice. As recommended by my doctor, I eliminated migraine stimulating factors such as alcohol and chocolate, but continued to suffer on a weekly basis. With Excedrin Migraine, I found the much needed pain relief for my persistent migraine headache and found, in most cases, I was pain free within an hour and back to performing my daily activities.

Needless to say, Excedrin Migraine is a frequently used product in my home. Because it provides prompt headache pain relief without side effects of prescription medications, I prefer to use Excedrin Migraine in my first line of defense against a headache. Additionally, the tablets can be purchased in a coated form so as to allow for easier digestion and works to prevent further nausea and vomiting which is common in migraine sufferers. Excedrin Migraine comes in a variety of bottle sizes so as to allow the consumer to carry the product in your pocket, purse or duffel bag. Very large bottles are available for home storage. Considered a medical item, the Excedrin Migraine product can be reimbursed through a medical flexible spending account or written off as a medical expense on your federal tax itemized deductions which adds to the benefits of utilizing this product in lieu of prescription medications.

Unfortunately, the ingredients in Excedrin Migraine include aspirin as well as acetaminophen. So, depending on your personal sensitivity to aspirin, or current cardiac condition, this may not be an appropriate product to deliver the headache pain relief that you need. However, in most patients, the levels of ingredients are absorbed well and migraine pain is dissipating within 30 minutes. Another disadvantage associated with Excedrin Migraine is the active therapeutic caffeine ingredient which is of such potency that it is often recommended that other caffeine products be eliminated or significantly reduced while taking this product.

In summary, Excedrin Migraine offers many advantages to the consumer in terms of continuous, uninterrupted return to daily living activities and migraine pain relief usually within 30 minutes following the initial dose. Excedrin offers a variety of products for pain relief stemming from migraine pain to joint pain to menstrual pain. With cost of prescription medications as a disadvantage to the consumer, Excedrin Migraine offers many advantages in terms of decreased health hazard, quick pain relief and very little side effects with a quick return to pre-pain activities.

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