Beautiful Purple Bulb Flowers

Spring bulb flowers popping up through the soil is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. I look forward to bulb flowers making their appearance every spring, and the purple bulb flowers in my garden are my absolute favorites. It’s amazing what lies inside a dormant bulb waiting for warmer weather, and when my purple spring bulb flowers emerge, the true miracle of bulb flowers comes to mind. Packed inside unassuming bulbs that look like misshapen onions are some of the most beautiful purple flowers available.

If you enjoy bulb flowers and love the color purple, consider the following purple spring bulb flowers. Purple spring bulb flowers will give your garden majestic flair, and they will impart upon you a deeper appreciation of the miracle of bulb flowers and the beauty of nature. The following purple bulb flowers are some of the most beautiful purple bulb flowers available. Consider these purple beauties when planting a purple spring bulb garden.

Giant Purple Hyacinth

Hyacinths are one of the most fragrant bulb flowers available. These exceptional bulb flowers have an unmistakable scent that can be detected from many yards away. When I smell the fragrance of hyacinths on a gentle spring breeze, I automatically look for the beautiful flowers from whence it came. If you want a highly fragrant purple spring flower bulb, consider the giant purple hyacinth. Plant this fragrant purple gem near a window, and you’ll have the fragrance of purple hyacinths throughout your home. You’ll be delighted to see this beautiful purple bulb flower make its appearance each spring.

Giant purple hyacinths reach a maximum height of about ten inches, and they’re loaded with beautiful purple blooms. Consider growing the giant purple hyacinth in your zone four through eight spring bulb garden.

Festival Hyacinth

This spectacular purple hyacinth is appropriately named. Each bulb produces what looks like a festival of bright purple flowers atop numerous stems. This makes the festival hyacinth stand out from the rest. This beautiful purple spring bulb flower produces many stems from a single bulb. In addition, the flower head of the festival hyacinth isn’t as compact as standard varieties. The purple flowers of the festival hyacinth are relaxed as they gracefully lean in all directions while emitting their classic fragrance.

Festival hyacinths reach a maximum height of about six inches. If you want a beautiful purple flower in your spring bulb garden, consider the festival hyacinth. This exceptional bulb flower will add a splash of purple to your bulb garden that will definitely turn heads. Festival hyacinths are best suited for hardiness zones four through eight.

Giant Glory of the Snow

Glory of the snow is a glorious purple bulb flower. This beautiful purple-blue and white bulb flower centered with a touch of gold is a welcome sight to behold in a spring bulb garden. These beautiful bulb flowers literally glow as they welcome the warmer days of spring. These purple-blue early spring bulb flowers are very easy to care for, and the investment of a few flower bulbs will pay off again and again. Giant glory of the snow bulb flowers reproduce each season.

Giant glory of the snow reaches a maximum height of about seven inches. Plant this eye-catching purple spring flower bulb in hardiness zones three through nine for best results. You’ll love the purple-blue color this lovely spring bulb flower adds to your purple bulb garden.

Pickwick Crocus

The crocus is a favorite spring bulb flower of many. I remember noticing the unique beauty of spring crocuses in my grandmother’s garden, and even as a young child I was in awestruck by the perfection of these lovely spring bulb flowers. Dainty purple stripes against a palate of white make these spring bulb flowers stunning. The purple-striped spring bulb flowers were unlike the flowers in my mother’s garden, and they made my grandmother’s bulb garden a magical place of beauty and amazement.

If you’re looking for a purple spring crocus to add a magical dash of purple to your spring flower bulb garden, consider the Pickwick crocus. This purple crocus is one of the finest examples of a spring crocus, and it will bring a sense of amazement to all who see them. You’ll look forward to the beautiful purple stripes of this bulb flower in the earliest days of spring.

The Pickwick crocus reaches a maximum height of approximately five inches. Consider planting this beautiful purple crocus in hardiness zones three through nine for best results. This purple crocus will make your spring bulb garden look like a purple masterpiece painted by nature.

Beau Regard Allium

Have you ever noticed a massive purple ball atop a sturdy green stem and wondered what this flower was? More than likely, the purple flower you saw was a purple allium. The allium is related to the onion family, and it produces a beautiful ball of purple flowers that’s highly unusual. This remarkable bulb flower makes a wonderful addition to any flower bulb garden. These unique purple bulb flowers make a dramatic purple border, and they make wonderful dried and cut flowers if you’d like to bring some of your purple bulb flowers indoors.

Beau Regard allium reaches an amazing height of approximately fifty inches! This purple bulb flower will tower above your purple bulb garden. Beau Regard allium is best suited for hardiness zones three through eight. Plant this purple giant if you want your purple bulb garden to be the envy of your neighborhood.

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