Bush Has More Blood on His Hands

Bush has more blood on his hands. This current and escalating violence between Lebanon and Israel (sorry, you can say it’s Hezzbolah and Israel, I don’t buy it) is a direct result of our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have bungled so badly in those two countries that Iran has been emboldened to empower Hezzbolah even more and in turn pull the strings of a weak Lebanese government. Make no mistake; Iran has no fear of the United States and would like nothing more than for us to send troops into this no-win fray. Iran now holds the keys to all that is taking place in the Middle East while Bush and his gang of know-nothing thugs continue to sacrifice the young lives of our soldiers and even more tragic; the innocent lives of a civilian population that have never embraced us as liberators as the idiot Cheney said they would.

The disgust and mistrust of Bush should finally be sinking in. His BIG LIE that WMDs in Iraq were the justification for invading that country not only has him bathed in blood but has wrecked forever the good name and reputation of our country. Bush has also sent us into a prison of monetary debt to other countries (in particular China) from what was at the time of his (illegal) election a surplus for the first time in the history of our time as the United States. His foolish pride is also responsible for the now unchecked rise in fuel prices that has an enormous effect on every part of our economy and is quickening the decline of a once vigorous middle class.

Yes, Bush has more blood on his hands but it comes in multiple colors; red,black and green and if we as a nation don’t do something soon about ending the insane and moronic direction he is taking us; there will be two more colors on his hands.
The first will be an orange flash followed by a brown mushroom cloud. Then he will have found his WMDs.

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