Lieberman Heading a the New Abraham Lincoln Brigade?

Prior to World War II, there was a split in the progressive movement over how the left ought to react to Hitler. That wing of the progressive movement best represented by Neville Chamberlain and leftwing U.S. Isolationists believed that an accommodation with Hitler was possible. A less respectable group of progressives, that unfortunately Hitler and history proved right, were the volunteers of the international Abraham Lincoln Brigades, who fought in the Spanish Civil War, Hitler’s and Mussolini’s first war of aggression.

Fast forward to the present and the left is faced with the similar question of how it ought to react to Islamic fascism. The mainstream of US and European leftist conventional wisdom apparently holds that an accommodation with Islamic fascism is also possible. A few less respectable (or certainly out of the mainstream) progressives such as Christopher Hitchens and Joe Lieberman believe that no such accommodation is either desirable and certainly not attainable short of total surrender.

The similarities between Nazism and Islamofascism are legion, yet rarely alluded to or acknowledged by the respectable left. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the spiritual leader of the Palestinians prior to the creation of the state of Israel was a supporter of Hitler who stayed in Berlin until the last days of the war. It was his influence that prevented Hitler from allowing Romanian Jewish children to escape the holocaust by fleeing to Palestine. German authorities actively recruited Muslims in Bosnia, Albania and elsewhere. The 13th Waffen SS was composed primarily of Bosnian Muslims. When he came to power Hitler was actively hailed by militant Muslims throughout the Middle East. Saddam Hussein’s uncle led an anti-British revolt in Iraq in aid of the German cause.

The link between Islamofascists and neo-Nazis remains to this day. A prominent European neo-Nazi even converted to Islam and neo-Nazis (including David Duke) have been active in the movement, more active on the Internet than anywhere else, to falsely blame either Israel, Jews generally or the U.S. Government for responsibility for 9/11. A look at the comments disparaging my article debunking grand 9/11 conspiracy theories demonstrates this clearly. The anti-Israeli (and no doubt anti-Semitic) agenda of the comments are clear on close examination. One is left to wonder if these folks will also attempt to explain away the Madrid bombings, the London subway bombings, the slaughter of Russian children in Beslan, the Bali bombings, the attack on Dhobar towers, the Marine barracks in Beirut, the USS Cole, the African Embassies, and the too numerous to cite here Islamofascist atrocities in the same way. After all, they cite 9/11 as the excuse for the “war on terrorism,” yet any one of these other atrocities ought to have been equally compelling evidence that such a war was necessary.

Indeed in light of these facts the current conflict between the West and Islamofascism seems less like World War III than an extension of World War II. Like Nazism Islamofascism (or militant or fundamentalist Islam whatever you want to call it) unashamedly seeks world conquest. In fact, if judged in the clear light of history, the Islamic “caliphate” has been the single most successful aggressive world empire in history.

A reading of the life of Mohammed should be must reading for those on the left who believe that an accomodation with militant Islam is possible. During Mohammed’s lifetime he ordered the execution of all men and the enslavement of all women and children of several of the once numerous and prosperous Jewish tribes of Arabia. A reading of Mohammed’s life quickly illustrates why Muslims have held a special enmity for the Jews. It was the Jews who were the most likely to reject Mohammed in the first place, holding that Mohammed appeared to be holding himself out to be the Messiah, something a non-Jew was incapable of. Perhaps the greatest spur to Islamic anti-Semitism was that Muslims blame a Jewish woman for poisoning Mohammed and eventually causing his death within a couple of years of the poisoning.

Yet is was after Mohammed that the armies that he inspired committed their greatest atrocities. It is a testament to the Islamofascist spin machine and their allies on the left that almost nothing is generally known about the greatest single atrocity ever committed on planet earth. During the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan and Pakistan an estimated 80 million Hindus, Buddhists and others were slaughtered. It is said that the name of the mountains that run through the border region between the two nations is called “Hindu Kush” which means Hindu death, in “honor” of this slaughter.

Ironically, Joe Lieberman frequently criticized the conduct of the war in Iraq. In fact, the response to 9/11 may well have been misguided, but it is said that it is better to act and act incorrectly than not to act at all. The fact that the US has allowed bin Laden what amounts to de facto sanctuary in Pakistan, that we have not pressed our Saudi “friends” to stop the export of radical Islamic ideology are examples of situations that urgently need to be addressed. Yet the real irony is that by putting all of their eggs in the basket that seeks accommodation with radical Islam, those respectable progressives in bowing to the current progressive conventional wisdom have become completely dependent on the current government for their survival. For their consensus would evaporate overnight if the US is hit again by another devastating Islamofascist inspired attack.

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