Buying Guide to Riding Lawnmowers

When it comes to mowing the lawn, no one wants to push a lawnmower up and downhill over and over again, they would rather glide across their lawn on a riding lawnmower. Especially if you’re one of the many people who have a lot of land to mow. They would much rather have the luxury of sitting down the whole time while pretty much driving around their lawn.

These days, it’s easy to have fun while mowing your lawn. Many riding lawnmowers nowadays even have cup holders, so you can relax like you would when driving a car with a cold drink at your side, and you don’t even have to worry about traffic! If you’re in the market for a new riding lawnmower, hopefully this article will help to give you not only a better knowledge of riding lawnmowers, but also help in the deciding of which riding lawnmower is right for you.

Generally, riding lawnmower blades differ in size, depending on the diameter of grass you want to be able to cut on a single passing. Obviously, the bigger the blade, the more grass you cut at a faster rate. To some people, this is a big issue if time isn’t on their side. Others don’t mind taking a little more time to mow their lawn. In fact, many people enjoy being outside taking a bit more time to appreciate the work that they put into caring for their lawn.

Many riding lawnmowers come standard with cruise control. This is great because sometimes when holding down the gas with your foot, you may feel that your foot is going to sleep because of the vibration. Most riding lawnmowers have a safety mechanism built-in too, located in the seat. If you were to fall off or stand up at any time, the engine would cut off so that no harm can be caused. This is why most riding lawn mowers will not start unless you’re sitting on the seat already. They also usually have halogen headlamps, just in case you find yourself still mowing your lawn when the sunlight starts to fade.

Riding lawnmowers also have gears like most automobiles do, including reverse, which is great for those tough to reach areas. Many riding lawnmowers even have a throttle that you can push up to increase speed and pull down to decrease it. They also have gears that raise and lower the blade, depending on how short you want your grass. You can even turn the blades off so that you don’t cut down everything that you ride over.

Besides regular riding lawnmowers, there are also zero-turn riding lawnmowers, also known as zero-turning-radius lawnmowers. These riding lawnmowers are easily maneuverable and can wind around shrubs, trees, edges, etc with no trouble at all. Instead of a steering wheel, they have ergonomic steering handles that are kind of like joysticks. This is what enables the riding lawnmower to have this zero degree turning radius. Like regular riding lawnmowers, the zero-turn riding lawnmowers have most of the same features, and in some cases even more features.

When shopping for your riding lawnmower, it is a good idea to know exactly what you’ll be using it for. For example, is your lawn for the most part flat or is it up and downhill? Will you be doing a lot of edging? Do you plan on relaxing with a nice cold beverage while mowing your lawn? These are a just a few of the factors that you may want to think about before purchasing your riding lawnmower. So when you arrive at your local lawn-care store, you should have a basic knowledge of what you need.

Don’t forget to shop around a bit first, as well. You may find the riding lawnmower that fits your needs perfectly at one store for $1,500, and the exactly same one for $1,300 at another. Don’t forget that you can usually find a good deal online too, after you’ve checked the suppliers in your area.

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