Dental Health and Teeth Game

Lesson Plan
Subject: Science
Topic: Teeth Grade: Kindergarten

I. Purpose or objective:
Recognize that living things are made up of smaller parts (K.1.1)
Recognize that smaller parts of living things contribute to the operation and well being of entire organisms (K.1.2)
Given: What do you know about your teeth test
Do: Draw a line from the question to the right answer
Criteria: 5 out of 6 correct

II. Materials for instruction:
Activity handouts

III. Activities: (List directions on the reverse side)
Dental Health Memory Game (to review for test)
Tooth Care mini-book
Teeth-Cleaning Chart (for home activity)
Set of Teeth game
Draw a picture of yourself with a big smile activity
What do you know about your teeth test
Egg dying activity

IV. Methods:
Worksheets for seated work
Games for group activities (set of teeth game and dental health memory game)
Classroom participation
Hands on

V. Evaluation:
What do you know about your teeth test will be graded. I will also be grading the teeth cleaning chart for completion and the tooth care mini-book.

templates can be found on

Dental Health Memory Game
The dental health memory game is an activity that is used to review for the test. Cut the teeth apart and mix them up in a bag. Have your students get into pairs and complete the memory game by matching the correct answer to the question.

Tooth Care mini-book
Have your students’ color the pages of the mini book template and them cut them out. Make a mini book from the pages and then staple them together.

Teeth-Cleaning Chart
Have the students take the teeth cleaning chart home and keep a record of how many times they brush and floss their teeth. At the end of the week have the students bring back the chart so that you can talk about their chart and compare it to the other students.

Set of Teeth game
Run a copy of the game board for all the students in your class. Divide the students into groups of 4 and give them each a game board and 1 dice for the group. The students roll the dice and the number they roll allow them to add that many mini-marshmallows to their game piece. The first student to have 32 mini-marshmallows on their game board wins.

Draw a picture of yourself with a big smile activity
Give each student a picture of the giant tooth and have them draw and color themselves with a big smile.

Egg dying activity
Boil eggs and allow them to set in dye for at least 3 days in coffee or grape juice. Have the students take the dyed eggs and try to brush the dye off with a tooth brush and toothpaste. Explain to the students that this is what happens to their teeth when they drink and eat unhealthy and if they do not brush the food and liquid off then their teeth will become stained like the egg.

What do you know about your teeth test
After the students have reviewed with the memory game and the teeth activities for the week give them the “what do you know about your teeth” test. The test asks the students to draw a line from the questions to the right answer.

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