How Prepared Are You for a Winter Storm?

We are almost in the month of March and it’s still snowing in many parts of the country. Would you know how to prepare if you should get a large amount at one time?

Here are some things to do in anticipation of a snow storm.

Have shovel and/or snow blower ready to go – Gather these items where they are easy to retrieve. Make sure the snow blower has been tested and in good working order. If manually shoveling take frequent breaks to prevent strain on the heart and back.

Dress in layers if working outdoors – If you have to be out there dress in layers to keep warm. You can always remove pieces once you’re back indoors.

Check windshield wiper fluid and wipers to see if working properly – You don’t want anything interfering with your ability to see when driving. Refill fluid and replace non-working wipers if necessary. Constant streaking might indicate it’s time for new wipers.

Scrapers for windows – These are used to remove clumps of snow and ice that have accumulated on your window. Make sure they have a sturdy handle because you may have to apply a little pressure.

Extra blankets in car and sand bag – If you happen to get stranded or have car problems, an extra blanket will help you keep warm when the car is turned off. A sand bag will add more weight to prevent slipping and sliding.

First aid kit – Be sure to fill with useful medical items should an emergency occur.

Grocery shopping – You might want to stock up on groceries if you think you may be inside for more than a few days.

Library – To prevent cabin fever stock up on audiobooks, movies and books from your local library.

Flashlights and candles available – Don’t be left in the dark. Be sure to have flashlights with working batteries and candles available should the lights go out.

Chest with ice to store food if power outage – You might be able to save some of your meats should the power go off unexpectedly during a snow storm.

Gas – If you have to venture out be sure you have gas in your car. Nothing can be more frustrating than running out of gas in cold and frigid temperatures.


Be sure to check on your elderly neighbors too. Cancel all appointments that you might have made if you feel uncomfortable driving in the snow. Watch out for pets too. And if traveling by air, pack some extra snacks in case your flight is delayed or cancelled.

What can I say-winter happens!! Be prepared.

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