How to Become a Model

Breaking into the modeling business is tough. Yet, if you have the determination and the drive to exhaust every possibility, becoming a model is achievable. Modeling offers an exciting career, which allows young women and men the opportunity to travel the work and earn a lot of money. Still, modeling agencies are extremely picky. Modeling requires more than a pretty face. Becoming a top model, or at least a marketable model, requires certain physical characteristics and the ability to be versatile. If thinking about a career in the model biz, consider the follow tips to know whether modeling is right for you.

1. Physical Features

Modeling agencies prefer potential models that possess specific physical features. Typically, models are tall and slim. Nonetheless, plus size models are in high demand. Before relocating to a big city to pursue your dream, realistically consider you odds. For example, professional models are at least 5’7. Furthermore, model agencies prefer models size 2 to 6, with proportioned bust, hips, and waist.

2. Unique Features

While you may have the model body and a pretty face, this will not guarantee a modeling contract. Because of the overflow of aspiring models flooding the industry, it takes more than a pretty face. Rather, modeling agencies seek young girls and women with distinct or exotic features. The key is uniqueness.

3. Improve Physical Features

Before beginning your search for a modeling agency, it helps to make improvements to your body or face. Remember, modeling agencies are extremely busy, and they interview hundreds of girls a week. If you enter an agency with bad skin, teeth, excessive weight, etc, this lowers your chances of obtaining a modeling contract. Instead, make attempts to improve complexion, workout, and if necessary, have dental work completed.

4. Mental Attitude

Interviewing with modeling agencies is very intimidating. Nonetheless, the key to landing a contract or job is a positive mental attitude. If you walk into a casting call or agency doubting your abilities, this will not go unnoticed. Moreover, aspiring models should be flexible. Flexibility might range from relocating to shaving your head.

5. Build a Portfolio

The majority of new models beginning their careers receive most of their jobs from open casting calls, commonly referred to as “go-sees”. This involves arriving at a modeling agency and being interviewed by a casting agent. During the interview, the agency will take photographs, evaluate your runway walk, and review portfolio. Portfolios are crucial to modeling. In fact, some models have been able to land jobs based on their portfolio. For this matter, it helps to hire a good photographer, stylist, etc. Building a portfolio is costly. Even so, if this helps you get a modeling contract, it is well worth the investment.

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