How to Cure Your Pet’s Boredom

Pets don’t do much – eat, sleep, play, bark – that’s about all a pet’s life consist of and most of the time they seem content. However, sometimes you can tell if your pet is bored. Many times if your pet is bored they will show it by destroying property or tearing into something seemingly taking out their frustration of being bored. Other than giving your pet a nice pat or rub on the back, try giving them some other activities to get involved in to take the boredom away.

Take your pet for a nice walk or even a run around the block or at the park. The exercise and the different scenery will help cure their boredom. Plus, you will get some much needed exercise also. You can also engage in some other activities with your pet like Frisbee throw and catch or throw a bone or a ball for them to run, catch, and bring back to you. My dog likes to run and catch balls I throw to her but she doesn’t like to bring them back to me, but it still gives her something to do. Also, the longer the play time you spend with your pet the more tired they will be afterward and will prefer to just rest for the rest of the day.

Some dogs love company and getting another pet might just cure their boredom. Just imagine if you sit around day after day with no company, you will be bored too. If you prefer not to have the expense of more than one pet and if there is another pet in the neighborhood, you can let your dog spend time with them or walk your pet to where the other pet is so they can communicate with each other, at least they will see another animal. A radio or TV can help cure boredom in your pets. The noise will help keep your pet company especially if no one is home. Some pets will actually watch certain shows, especially those showing other animals. So, channels like Animal Planet or other pet shows will keep your pet entertained and cure boredom. Action packed movies is also a good idea when your pet watches TV. Objects that move fast make a lot of noise will keep them attentive.

Music can also cure your pet’s boredom. The constant sound of music on the radio or from a CD can keep your pet attentive while no one is home. Some pets, like mine, love watching birds or squirrels. If your pet is inside, be sure they have a view outside the window to watch all the bird and other animal activity going on. For dogs, give them something to chew on to pass the time. For cats, hang something that has lights or that moves back and forth for them to watch. For both cats and dogs, give them something they have to figure out. A ball or toy inside of a box or food in a box with little holes in it where they will need to figure out how to get the food, toy, or ball out. This can help pass time and cure your pet’s boredom.

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