How to Make a Memory Jar

Whether it’s Grandma’s hand-me-down buttons and broken pins, or the new baby’s little hair bows and trinkets, a beautiful memory jar can be made from the pieces and you’ll never again see another one like it. If you want one-of-a-kind crafts that will never have an identical match get out some stuff and start making your memory jar.

A memory jar is a unique idea for not only storing a few things that belonged to Grandma or a some things of your own, but is also decorated with little things that remind you of the person as well. When it’s completed it’s a family heirloom like no other.

A great jar to start with is one that is heavy, has a large opening at the top, and has a lid. It doesn’t really matter if the jar is clear, since it will end up being covered in all sorts of stuff, but you can start out by painting the memory jar, if you wish. Or, instead of painting it, you can print or cut out a landscape or other image, then roll it down into the jar. Place anything else in the jar you want: ticket stubs from Grandma and Grandpa’s younger years, identity bracelet from your child’s birth, or any other mementos you have.

Sit down and make the memory jar in one afternoon or work on it over years. When you run up on something that you’d like to add to the jar, simply drop it into the jar and later, take a few minutes to glue the few found objects onto the jar.

Glue and similar adhesives work great when you’re doing the memory jar project over the course of months or years. But, if you’ll sit down and make the jar right away, you have options like grouting the items into the jar or even using plaster of Paris then imbedding the trinkets.

Some great trinkets to glue to the jar include a watch with no band, old rings and other jewelry, barrettes, flat wooden shapes, buttons and bows, cameos, small belt buckles – even paper items like ticket stubs or small notes.

The entire jar can be covered in mementos from a family or friend, or you can add things like scrapbook supplies to the jar to give it even more sparkle. Brass or foil pieces, fake jewels, strands of beads, flat pieces of glass or mirror, and many other choices from a craft department will look great on the jar.

Each item doesn’t have to be simply glued to the jar. Wrap watch around the neck of the jar or wrap a little girl’s elastic headband around the bottom of the jar. Use your imagination and you’ll end up with a unique creation that not only carries and holds cherished memories, but is a unique decor piece for any home.

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