Inhibitor Pro Chip Saves Valuables from Rust

So, it’s happened again. You’ve pulled out the tackle box only to find that your lures and fish hooks have all rusted away. Or that brand new stainless steel screwdriver you got for last Christmas and used once or twice has already started to get rust around the tip.

Tools and fishing equipment can be replaced, but what about that family heirloom jewelry that is starting to rust and tarnish from moisture due to higher impure metal contents from long ago? Even high grade jewelry of yesteryear contained high levels of tin or other binding metals, and it’s those impure metals that are the most susceptible to rust or tarnish.

No matter how well you clean the items and store them, moisture can always somehow find its way to the things you’d like to rust the least. The folks who make Inhibitor have found an answer.

Inhibitor’s new VCI Pro Chips come in five strips per sheet and can be put anywhere to stop rust. Each chip is infused with the Inhibitor Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor which is a vapor that’s non-scented and leaves no harmful residues. It’s non-toxic and each chip protects up to one cubic foot for up to one year.

A strip fits well into each compartment of your tackle box or tool box. Stick a few in your jewelry box, safe or lock box. The chips can be used in a solid sheet of five, or broken up for use of use. They can even be custom cut to fit those small places. It penetrates cracks and provides coverage not just for the item it’s next to, but remember it’s good for up to one cubic foot of space all around it.

Another feature of each chip is the date of use labeling on each chip to help you remember when it’s time to change out the Pro Chips. You can even stick one in your gun case or place it in your gun cabinet near the action to keep moisture from getting in and rusting those fragile springs that can cost a bundle to replace at the gunsmith, or are almost impossible to replace by yourself without having to end up at the gunsmith anyway.

It’s not just good for guns, but they’re also handy to help those expensive high-velocity steel shot shells from last waterfowl or upland bird season from rusting around the primers. Quality shot shells come with a “quality” price and it’s a shame to have to dump them because the rims and primers will be damaged by the time the fall comes around again. One chip slips easily in with your shell bag or the box itself, and will help stretch your dollar value.

When considering the cost of replacement, cleaning or repair to your tools and treasured items, the Pro Chip essentially pays for itself. After all, you only need to buy them once a year. Now that’s cheap insurance!

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