Make Money with Your Blog

Blogging is generally thought of as a way to share your passion with the world, but what if your passion could earn you some cash as well. Blogging is becoming more and more popular everyday. Not just for your diary anymore, many businesses are requiring workers to keep blogs on their business, and there are tons of specialty blogs on the web covering everything from parenting to nuclear science. Now there are several different sites popping up on the web that allow bloggers to make a profit off their writing. Here are a few of the top sites for making money off writing about your passions.


Blogger has always been at the forefront of blogging. Users can create their own customized blog and are instantly given their very own URL to direct people to their writing. In 2005 Blogger decided to allow users to add ad sense to their blogs. Adsense is Google’s contextualized ad program. With ad sense bloggers can ad ads to their blog that are based on what is being shown on the blog. For instance if you wrote a blog about your fishing adventures, then the ads would more than likely be about fishing and fishing supplies. Bloggers are paid based on the amount of reads their blog receives, as well as how many readers choose to click on the ads. Blogger blogs are good because they tend to be picked up rather quickly by search engines. Search engine web traffic can drastically increase the number of people who see your blog, and your overall blog earnings.


WritingUp was a little website that has exploded into a pretty large one. The site works on Adsense, much like blogger. WritingUp is a little different because it is set up as a blogging community rather than just individual blogs. You can write your blog on whatever you want, and like blogger Adsense ads are displayed throughout your blog earning you revenue. The catch to writing up is that half of the time the ads are your ads, the other half the ads are WritingUps ads. Once you write a blog however it goes on the sites homepage for everyone to read, which can generate a good deal of traffic to your blog you may not have otherwise gotten. If someone views your blog it will also show up in the “Last Viewed” section on the homepage which is another good page view generator. All in all with WritingUp you are getting less of the profits from your blog than you would at another blogging site BUT you are getting a great deal more blog traffic as well.

Blogger Party

Blogger Party is roughly the same idea as WritingUp. Blogger Party has a few more features however. They allow users to select a different template for their blog, and customize it to fit their personality. The site overall is much more reliable than WritingUp, but has less site traffic overall.

Blog Charm

Blog Charm is a site much like blogger which allows you to pick a template and set up a blog on whatever your heart desires. Blog Charm runs a ad at the top of the page however, and pays you based on the number of visitors to your particular blog. With blogcharm you are free to ad your own ads (Adsense or the like) to the blog, so it can be a great way to get paid twice for the information on your blog. The amount you make through them is pretty small per visitor, but it can add up pretty quickly if you get a good deal of blog site traffic.

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