Memorex DVD/CD Player: $39 – Not Worth It!

When I decided to go from VHS to DVD, I was excited. I had heard about extra features that you just can’t get with VHS. I had purchased a Memorex DVD player. It came with a long slender remote with small writing for the controls. The DVD player itself is pretty basic. It comes with a green led screen, play, rewind, fast forward, rewind and stop/eject. Once you put it on with a disc, it seems to work pretty well.

It’s exciting when you’re not used to having bloopers, scenes, subtitles, languages and much more. Some DVD’s now even have games for kids. The first DVD I watched ran okay. Of course it should anyways since it was new. The next DVD was a rented movie and it was a complete nightmare! The menu screen worked fine, you could pick a scene, watch special extras. I was sitting and annoying the DVD rental when out of no where it just stopped playing. I tried to press play on the remote and it wouldn’t go. I had to re start the entire movie just to have it play. Then while it was playing, it would have scratchy images as it was playing. It looked like the actors lips were all over the screen. Weird, I know. I decided to give the new DVD player another chance with another rental. Yet again very annoying. It took forever to watch a DVD movie. I tested the DVD on another player and it worked fine.

Perhaps this DVD player was defective or maybe the brand itself isn’t the greatest. There’s a small bright side. The DVD player also plays CDs. When you’re running a CD the TV screen shows “DVD Video.” After a certain period of inactivity, the DVD Video screensaver comes on. Using this as a CD player can be a bummer because you have to run your TV as well. I won’t be buying another product from Memorex for a long time.

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