Paintballing Blast at SC Village

Welcome to SC Village, this is a simple outdoors paint-balling gaming arena. With many courses and extended hours there is enough activity time for many people and many ages. And paint ball war games are a blast to be a part of. As long as you can handle the sting of a paint-ball breaking against your clothes or maybe your skin you can play along. There is a simple safety introduction stage that occurs before any war-games have begun. Due to the dangers of this sport, missing this introduction is a huge “no-no.”

There are rentals for the equipment if that is something that is needed. They have an air supply system for all competitors . you are not allowed to independently fill or re-fill your own compressed air tanks or CO2 tanks. There are different levels of competition and competitors to battle against. From the advanced soldiers to intermediate and to beginners, your skill level can be tested. The cost for the 7 hour day is relative to any other event that can be done for that much time. SC Village is located in a semi-remote area of Chino. It’s cornered between the 60 and the 91, between Euclid and Archibald

There is a good website for this fun park . Once you begin the wars you will be guided through the different fields by the SC Village referees. There are battlegrounds like Kosovo, Vietnam, Kuwait, Bosnia, Gettysburg and several more that can challenge your will to survive in battle. Now these are not original re-enactments that are scripted, they are all out fun zones. You can join into a walk-on game or you can come as a group and have your own private fields for the day Each private party gets its’ referees just as the walk-on parties get. On any given weekend there can be as many as 500 players all vying for the win on the field. The games are ran either on timers or they can be set for a death match, (capture the flag), where the team with the last man standing wins, the ladder being the most preferable.

If you can only stay at the park for a few hours, no problem, they sell a short day ticket as well. There are many different blends of paint to use for these paint ball wars, . all sold at either your local paint ball store or there are even some groups that show to the fields with extra supplies of paint to sell for the day. SC Village is open, typically, on Saturdays and Sundays however they also have selected days during the mid-week for your enjoyment. Rain or shine it’s a great time for paint balling. During the summer days it can be rather hot and tiresome out there but it is always worth the energy as long as you’ve got ample supplies of water for the day.

They will give you an hour, give or take 15 minutes, for a lunch break. But in a private party game you can have as little as a 30 minute lunch. It’s a no-brainer as to which I prefer. The more games the better. After all it comes down to how much playing time we get in for the day. The games begin at around 9:30a.m. And they go until about 4:30p.m… The opening warning session begins at around 9a.m… This is the only don’t miss venue required by the SC Village managers. You miss it, you miss playing. So don’t be late. There is a speaker system that announces what fields the players and their teams will be on for the next round. They have trench warfare and jungle warfare games, a little something for everyone. There is a station for chroning the guns (markers). You don’t want to get hit by a ball that is moving at over 300fps. That would tear some good patches of skin off of your person, not a satisfying feeling.

So go to SC Village and see what your skills tally up to against a beginner or perhaps you are venturous enough to step it up with the advanced groups. Either way you are bound to have a great day. Maybe even something that you will get hooked to on a regular basis. So suit up and go and get you some enemies. Remember, we are all friends out there at the end of the day, but the enemies are never far away during the games. Have you some fun in that warm California sun.

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