Reviews of Three Good Starter Vehicles for Backyard RC Racing

Reviews of Three Good Starter Vehicles for Backyard RC Racing

1) Traxxas 1/10 RC Electric Bandit RTR w/TQ Radio

The Traxxas Bandit comes with w fully independent suspension, a fiber-composite double deck chassis, 48-pitch gears, and adjustable oil-filled shocks. It is race ready with ball bearings and slipper clutch, and the transmission has everything you need to handle high torque motors. You can add ball bearings to its bell crank steering, and there are plenty of hop-ups to fully customize your Traxxas Bandit.
It is completely ready to run (RTR) with a pistol grip radio and a 20 turn modified Stinger motor. This is one Bandit that you shouldn’t let get away!

Powerful, 20-turn modified Stinger motor.
Hardened-steel planetary differentials
High power 2-channel Top Qualifier radio system
Magnum 272 ball bearing transmission with slipper clutch
5/6-color painted and trimmed body; four color schemes to choose from.
Fully assembled, read-to-run model
4-wheel, fully-independent suspension
Planetary diff with hardened steel gears
Efficient, 48-pitch gears
Telescoping, u-joint driveshafts
Adjustable, easy-to-change gear ratios
X-tra long suspension arms
X-tra long, oil-filled Ultra Shocks
Tough, fiber-composite construction
Bellcrank steering system

TQ 2-Channel Top Qualifier Radio Controller

Ni-cd 6-cell flat battery pack
Battery charger
8 AA batteries for Radio Controller

Cost: $129.00

All in all a very good starter vehicle for the newcomer to R/C racing. It’s quite durable, not very expensive, and a good “beater” vehicle for the inevitable bumps and bangs you are going to encounter around an R/C track.

2) Traxxas 1/10 Nitro T-Maxx 2.5 RTR

The Traxxas 1/10 Nitro T-maxx 2.5 RTR features an all new PowerTune cooling head engine, winner of the R/C Car Action Magazines Reader’s Choice Award for best engine. It has been called the world’s most powerful small block RTR engine. Cool looks and a monster truck’s attitude make the T-maxx one of the most popular of the offroading trucks around. It is easy to use user friendly design, and the power to take it over jumps, in the loose dirt, and throughout the area.
The TRX 2.5R engine features the new PowerTune cooling head, composite slide carburetor, multiport rear exhaust, and of course, EZ-Start push-button electric starting. The TRX 2.5 won R/C Car Action Magazines Reader’s Choice Award for best engine and was most recently heralded as the world’s most powerful small block RTR engine! The 2.5R is even better! Its easy-revving broad powerband pushes the T-MAXX well beyond 40mph!


Radio: Traxxas TQ-3 pistol grip
Engine: TRX 2.5R Racing Engine
High-Volume Air Intake System
Tuned Exhaust System
EZ-Start Electric Starting System
Forward/Reverse 2-Speed Transmission
Adjustable Slipper Clutch
U-Joint Slider Driveshafts
Hardened-Steel Differentials
Three-Channel Radio System
High-Torque Steering Servo
Bellcrank Steering System

One T-MAXX RTR truck with pre-installed 3-channel radio
TRX 2.5(R) engine (short shaft) Easy Starter
Two-speed forward and two-speed reverse transmission
New graphics on the bodies with no cutting or trimming painted body
Foam Inserts
Tool Set
Illustrated Manual
Filter oil
Engine Setup DVD

Traxxas 1/10 Nitro T-Maxx 2.5 RTR Cost: $390.00

A great vehicle that will take all the abuse you dish out. Good for jumps and hard moves in the dirt. I highly recommend this vehicle for backyard banging in the RC community.

3) Traxxas 1/10 Nitro RC Rustler RTR

The Traxxas Nitro RC Rustler RTR off-road truck has the new TRX 2.5 Racing engine to go to top speeds of around 47 miles per hour. It comes with a fully loaded T6 blue anodized chassis, disk brakes, bell crank steering system, oil filled shocks, and a performance exhaust system. The body comes pre-painted with this Nitro RC Rustler RTR, and styled with chrome wheels and awesome graphics. This RTR comes with a push button starter for ease over the other pull start engines and is ready right out of the box to provide you with hours of Rustler fun.

TRX 2.5 Racing Engine
Ball bearings
EZ-Start 2 electric starter
Tune pipe exhaust system
Double deck T-6 aluminum and composite chassis
Magnum 281 transmission with ball bearings
Adjustable, easy-to-change gear ratios
X-tra long, fiber-composite, suspension arms
Planetary differential with steal gears
Powerful disc brake
Telescoping, u-joint driveshafts
X-tra long, high-volume, oil-filled Ultra Shocks

One TQ pistol grip radio
One Nitro Rustler assembled with TRX-2.5 and glow plug
One EZ-Starting System
One Painted Body and Spoiler
One Decal sheet
One Extra aluminum cylinder head gasket shim
One Black plastic shock collar and piston
One Extra 72 tooth spur gear
One Antenna tube and cap
Six 5x11mm ball bearings in transmission
Eight 5x11mm metal bushings for wheels
Two 5x11mm bearings for clutch
One Extra receiver cover balloon
One Instruction sheet
Composite tuned pipe

Length: 17-1/4″ (438mm)
Front track: 12-1/2″ (318mm)
Rear track: 12-3/8″ (314mm)
Weight: 60 ounces (without radio)
Height: 6″” (152mm)
Wheelbase: 10-3/4″” (287mm)
Wheel diameter: 2.2″”
Fuel capacity: 2.5 ounces (75cc)
Engine: TRX 2.5 w/EZ Start System
Gear ratio: Adjustable 8.43:1 to 12.64:1
Differential: Planetary gear
Brake: Disc
Chassis: Double-decked (bottom aluminum, top composite)
Spur gear: 72 black nylon tooth
Clutch bell: 20 steel tooth
Castor block front 30 degrees

Cost $269.99

Nice little upgrades on this Traxxas RC Vehicle make it worth it. With aluminum chassis for weight control and the disc brakes, it’s a nice little ride. This is your choice is you want to bash and bang, but feel like you’re driving a Cadillac. ?

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