Scrabble for PC: The Worst Game Sold by Big Fish?

Scrabble is a Big Fish pc game that mirrors that of the classic board game of Scrabble. The same rules and goals still apply, and it is still up to the player’s vocabulary skills to win. Scrabble never seems to change, and in this case, there isn’t even new twists.

Scrabble is as hard to win as ever. The game has three difficulty levels, but the first is hard enough for most people. The imaginary player is hard to beat, whether this is due to my bad luck in getting the right tiles or if the computer has an unfair edge I’m not sure. What I do know is I quickly lost interest in a game where I constantly lose.

The words that normally might have gotten slipped past other players is now out of bounds. Every word submitted has to first be accepted by the Scrabble Dictionary before it can be played. Remember how you hated playing with someone that wanted to do everything by the book? Well, the programmers have built that person into the game. An annoying mistake in my opinion.

The imagery is adequate, but very boring. Although the tiles look like wood, and the board has color in it, there is nothing to keep you hooked to the screen. There is minimal action, in fact I think that the player putting the tiles on the board was the only action!

Sound effects are also minimalist. In today’s age where audio is as important as video, the customer expects quality past the necessaries. The programmers seem to have lost sight of how to make an intriguing game, or at the very least have lost sight of what the public expects to gain from their spent money.

Most games offer a mental gain to its players, such as memory exercises or language skills. Unfortunately, there is little to gain from playing Scrabble. The language skills must already be in place to play. Sure a person might learn that a certain word needs an I or an A instead of an E, but that is such a small gain that I would hardly credit Scrabble with teaching spelling to anyone.

While I enjoy playing a board game of Scrabble once in a blue moon with my husband and children, I do not plan to play the pc version of Scrabble ever again. I do not expect anyone in my household would either. I hate to say it, but Big Fish Games is really selling a stink bomb when they are selling Scrabble.

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