Teens and Smoking

Tobacco can be smoked or chew up. It is a bad habit millions of people do. It is a plant that can be smoked inpipes, cigars, and in cigarettes. We see it a lot in adults smoking a cigarette but mostly teens are doing it now. Many teenages now are smoking up a cigarette. It is a bad habit they picked up or just wanted to learn to do. I know when I wanted to know what smoking was like. It does look cool and makes you look older doing it.

It is not a fun habit and it does cost you a lot of money. There are no benefits to smoking really none at all. In fact, you can die from it. Thousands of people die each month from cancer. Some teens pick up smoking from their friends or parents. You can prevent your child from smoking if you quit. It is not an easy thing to do but for your child’s sake it is worth it. The problem with teens and adults that smoke and chew this tabacco has to do with chemical nicotine. This chemical causes teens to feel good, calm, and its a short fix. Its like a drug when a person needs a cigarette they really do.

The body knows when it needs the nicotine and if the body does not receive it than it goes into withdrawal. A person can have shakes, go into a rage, madness, until they have a cigarette. You can get addicted to this in your first cigarette. It is not a good thing to do so you need to quit it. Get help talk to your friends or parents on helping you slowly quit. Nicotine affects a person’s heart, lungs, stomach, attidude and nervous system. Smoking stops your life pretty much.

The risks of smoking:
Shortness of breathe
Heart attacks
Smells your clothes and body
More coughing

There is no good in smoking because it is not a good thing to do it. The tabacco company makes millions off selling this to people. They are getting rich selling it and people are dying from it. Why do it then? People do what they want and we can’t tell them what to do. It is true but they should know its not good to smoke. When a teenager picks up the habit of smoking its so sad to see. They are so young learning bad habits. Someone needs to stop them before they are doing it for 2 months or a year.

If you think your teen is smoking than find the cigarettes throw them away no matter how much it will make them mad. You need to parent them and teach them its not good. If they get it from a friend than its time to sit and tlak to your child. Teach your child to respect their body and not poison it. Nicotine is poison. If you can help your teenager resist the first puff, you will dramatically improve their odds for a healthier and longer life. There are so many reasons why teenager smoke and adults.

Some of the reasons are:
Look cool, do it with friends
Gives them a good feeling
Makes them calmer
Gets them to lose weight, for some they gain
Show their personality, identity

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes. It is like drugs for people who smoke. Nicotine enhances the release of a number of brain chemicals that are related with relaxation and appetite suppression. When people are stressed out they tend to smoke a lot more cigareets. When people want to lose weight sometimes smoking more healps but is not healthy. There are side effects in smoking. Just because you look cool and smoke does not mean it is safe. It is never safe to smoke at any age.

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