Ten Blogs About Boston

Want to add a bit of local flavor to your daily blog reading? No matter what your tastes there should be something on this list for you. From the general (Bostonist) to the very specific (Kerry Healey – Out of Touch) these are Boston blogs that are worth checking out.

1. Bostonist – A sibling of Gothamist from New York, Bostonist has its own flavor. It’s a very comprehensive blog that contains a number of different things relating to the city of Boston. There’s something here for every Bostonian. In the last week alone there were updates on the Big Dig, a post about bio-labs (appealing to the Cambridge crowd), am mention of the silly movement some schoolchidren are a part of about making basketball the official state sport (I know the Basketball Hall of Fame is in Mass, but with the sorry state of the Celtics I think drawing attention to basketball in the Hub isn’t the best idea), a comparison between the Red Sox recent slaughter at the hands of the Evil Empire and the actual Boston Massacre for all the jocks, and a listing of music picks for the week for the hipster set.

2. Over the Monster – If you search the blogosphere you are bound to come upon the many Red Sox blogs. It’s tough to narrow them down, in fact I have an entire article alone on 20 Red Sox blogs, but if you don’t have time to read through all of them, then come here. Some blogs are funny but not very informative or rather informative yet pretty dry. That is not the case with Over the Monster. Written with a little attitude “Seriously, people. You can go jump off the Tobin Bridge if you want to. You can second-guess the trades that just a few short months ago you thought were strokes of pure genius. You can call for the manager’s head.” this site is unapologetic with its views. It also contains statistics and lineups as well.

3. Bradley’s Almanac – While there are a few Boston-based music blogs this one stands out because of its live MP3 posts. Blogger Bradley goes to many of the small venue live shows and brings back mp3s and photos for his readers. Recent bands covered have been Sam Champion, Yo La Tengo, and Acid House Kings. Bradley’s Almanac also previews shows before they happen, so you can get an idea of what the band sounds like if you’re thinking of buying tickets.

4. Universal Hub – As stated on the top of the site this is “Boston’s community news and information resource.” There isn’t much copy on here, but rather links to local news stories. If you’re in a hurry this is a good blog to browse and check frequently.

5. Dunkin Donuts Talk – An entire blog dedicated to Dunkin’ Donuts, what does this have to do with Boston? Well as anyone who has driven through Braintree and seen the illustrious Dunkin’ Donuts University knows, the chain was started right here in Massachusetts. It’s not a coincidence that there are so many of the franchises, it is where they call home after all.

6. Kerry Healey – Out of Touch – This is the blog for you if you are in the camp that does not want Kerry Healey to be the next governor of Massachusetts. While this blog is focused on exposing Healey, there are plenty of links to other political sites, if Healey bashing isn’t your thing.

7. Left Center Left – If you rather have a general look at politics then Left Center Left may be more up your alley. In addition to politics you can also find cultural commentary on this blog as well. I enjoyed a recent post on the local news coverage and how it is sorely lacking. Left Center Left offers up some tips on how to make the local news better, and while I don’t agree with them, I did find them to be amusing.

8. Bad Transit – Anyone who has ever taken the T, Boston’s subway, surely has a horror story. At this blog you can find some of those horror stories, some actual news about the T, and general opinion. It’s not updated daily though I’m sure there are many disgruntled riders who’d be happy to share their experiences. Check back a few times a week for new content.

9. CelticsBlog – While I did poke fun at the Boston Celtics earlier on this list, there are still many fans of the team. This is the destination for those fans. Even though there are other Celtics blogs, this blog in particular is fantastic because of its interactive features including live chat and forums where you can discuss the team with other Celts fans.

10. All That She Surveys – One of the differences between this music blog and the one listed earlier is that as the title indicates All That She Surveys is written by a woman. This blog gives a little more ink to female artists (recent topics have included Laura Veirs and Cat Power). In addition to talking about new bands, posting MP3 samples, and listing upcoming shows, there’s general commentary about music and all things having to do with music. For instance just the other day there was an entry about the dangers of loud music.

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