The Daily Dig Round-Up – Iran: Full Coverage

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A Romanian oil rig got a nasty surprise when an Iranian warship fired on them, and then occupied the ship. So far, the oil company is reporting that they have lost contact with the ship’s crew.

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Israel is ready for an Iranian attack. The country’s defense minister is warning it could be imminent and they are preparing for the worst.

Imminent Meltdown?

A UN Watchdog is reporting that Iran is undergoing a “new phase of uranium enrichment.” This news comes in just hours before their statement on the incentive package is due. Any guess as to what their response will be?

Nuclear changes.

Looks like Israel should be worried. According to Iranian state television (I guess they don’t need a satellite feed…) Israel will be hit with missiles if they attempt to move against Iran.

Things just keep getting worse.

Iran is moving to prosecute any media outlet that publishes “lies” and “baseless accusations.” Wonder what they’re getting ready for and who will be defining “lies” and “baseless accusations.”

Wonder no longer.

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