The Many Wonderful Uses of Herbs as Medicine and More

The use of herbs has been around for centries. All of the known civilizations have used herbs for a variety of purposes. We can be glad that we have access to herbs today. They are tasty, fragrant and very useful. We enjoy them in our gardens. Use them in our kitchens and add them to our medcine cabinents.

For use in our kitchen we need to know what kind of herbs to use in the foods we enjoy. What would saffron rice be with out the saffron? Today with the accessibility to the internet we really have all the resources we need to find good recipies using the many herbs available. You can even find fresh herbs in most large chain supermarkets. If you don’t have access to fresh herbs you can use dry. Make sure that you purchase a good brand and store them in a dry dark place to preserve their flavor. Rember also that dry herbs have a stronger flavor than fresh so go a little easier with them. Herbs are something that you can enjoy any time and that can be used in a variety of foods. It is always good to experment and find the flavors that you love best.

There are records dating back to Egyptan times of people using herbs to treat medical conditions. Today even with the advent of modern medicine many choose to use herbs for any number of conditions. Herbal medicine is strong medicine so it is important to research any remedy that you may be thinking of adding to your diet. Some herbal remedies can have unpredictable side effects and can react to medications you are already taking. You may consider talking to your doctor before starting something new. There are a large variety of traditional herbal cures, making a decision on what is right for you can be daunting. Use the many resources avalible to you to decide what you want to use for your self and your family.

Many choose to grow their own herbs. This can be very satisfying. Growing your own garden can be as simple as a few containers or as elaborate as a formaly designed garden. If you choose to grown your own herbs think carefully about what variety you might want in the space that you have avalible. Plant the ones you will use the most in your cooking or medicine. Keep your garden well watered and free of weeds. Use natural pest control since these plants will be consumed.
Harvest your herbs before they bloom to get the best flavor. They can be dried for future use if you like.

The use of herbs can be tasty and very good for you. Using them in your kitchen and your medicine cabniet can be a project well worth your while.

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