Tips to Impress a Man on a Date

Men try to impress us women on a date. Women need to impress a man on a date. It isn’t difficult to do. Most of all just be friendly and smile. Most Men want to date women that do care about themselves. Here are some tips.

Show that you care about yourself

You can show that you care about yourself by wearing a nice dress or nice blouse with some nice pants. You can put on a little bit of make up. Make sure to put on some jewelry. Don’t put on too much make up though. Just make it simple. Make sure you wear the right shade of lipstick. Put some finger nail polish on your nails if you feel like it.

Do your hair

Take some time to style your hair in a way that looks nice. Perhaps curl it a little bit. You can put your hair back in a nice French braid. You can use a special clip in your hair. If you use hair spray make sure to not put on too much otherwise it will look really bad. Don’t dye your hair right before a date just in case the dye turns your hair a weird funky color. You don’t want the man to run away screaming cause of your hair color.

Shave your legs

Make sure to shave your legs. Sometimes we try to cover it up if its been a few days since shaving. Trust me though just shave your legs because the man will notice if you don’t shave your legs. Make sure to pick up some shaving cream to shave your legs to make it easier. Soap and hot water always works too.

Sound Confident

When you talk try to sound confident. On the first date don’t let the man know if you have low self esteem issues. Try to sound positive about subjects when speaking. Don’t talk negative about things because it is a reflection upon you. Also don’t talk about your crazy ex or how many guys you have had sex with. Don’t talk about family issues. Just try to sound positive and don’t bash anything or anyone. Bashing isn’t a good thing to do cause it implies that you have insecurities.

Don’t appear as wanting a man with tons of money

Don’t come across as someone who just wants a man with a ton of money. You don’t want to appear as being someone who just wants someone for money. You need to have good intentions when going out on a date. Don’t order the most expensive food on the menu. Don’t talk about how much money or how little money you make. Some women get wrapped up in the false security idea of getting married to someone that has a ton of money. Money isn’t the most important thing in the world. Yes, money is important to a certain extent, but you don’t want to be with someone just for money.

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