Top Ten Songs by Randy Travis

This is a list of the top ten songs by Randy Travis and what each song is about.

10. “Is it still over?” This is a very catchy tune. It is basically about a guy who is just kind of making fun of the idea that it is over. He knows that things are over between him and his lady but he is asking “is it still over? Are we still through?”

9. “Forever and ever amen” This song is about a guy whose love for his women will never end. He is promising her that he will be faithful forever and ever. He uses metaphors like “as long as old men set and talk about the weather and as long as old women set and talk about old men” This is one of the most heartfelt songs.

8. “He walked on water” This is a song about a boy who thought the world of his grandfather. He thought that he could do anything and that he was an angel. It talks about the strong connection a man has with his father and his grandfather and great grandfather.

7. “On the other hand” This song is a guy singing to his lover about why he can’t stay with her. He is reminded by a golden band on his other hand that he has a woman at home who wouldn’t understand what he is doing. At the same time he admires his new fling because of the passion she has brought back to life within him.

6. “A man aint made of stone” This song is about a strong man who never showed weakness. When his lady left he realized that the one thing she wanted was for him to show his tender side and that was the one thing he never did. It took her leaving him for him to realize that he wasn’t as tough as he thought he was.

5. “I told you so” Yet another song about a woman who left her man and then decided to come back, only to find that he had moved on. This song is unique because he tells her that he has moved on but he still wonders what it would be like if he let her come back. He wonders if things would be like they used to or if she would just do the same thing again.

4. “Too gone too long” This song is about a woman who left her man but has now decided to come back home, only to find that he has moved on. He has a new love and tells her that she would have known if she hadn’t been “too gone, for too long.”

3. “Deeper than the holler” This is just another love song. Unlike other love songs though this one uses very unique ways of describing how much he loves his lady. He felt like some things that love is compared to are too unsure so in this song they cover all the bases so that the extent of his love is made known.

2. “Diggin’ up bones” This song is at number two because it has such a catchy tune. It is a song about a man who is newly divorced and he is going through all the things his wife has left. He sitting alone and finding things like their wedding rings, lingerie and pictures.

1. “Three wooden crosses” This song is number one because it has such a powerful spiritual message. The song is about a farmer, a preacher, a teacher and a hooker who were all in an automobile accident. The only one to survive was the hooker. The hooker had a son that grew up to be a preacher. This song just shows how God has a purpose for everyone and everything, good or bad, happens for a reason.

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