Al Rashidiya Public Library Dubai Overview

If you are looking for a place where quality knowledge and entertainment are provided to you in the form of a package, then plan a visit to the Al Rashidiya Public Library. The venue is just near to Rashidiya Medical Center – Ministry of Health.

Whether you are looking for religious oriented books, or wish to go through the section of history, if you are interested in the field of arts or more into science, every possible readable material is obtainable at Al Rashidiya Public Library. The collection present in Al Rashidiya Public Library’s rack is not specified for a particular age group.

If you are unaware of the timings, location and various other information related to Al Rashidiya Public Library, then take a look at the guide rearranged below:


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    Operational Hours:

    You can plan a visit to Al Rashidiya Public Library between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm from Sunday till Thursday.

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    How to contact:

    Make sure you get in touch with the management of Al Rashidiya Public Library during operating hours.

    Contact: +971 4 285 8065

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    Types of Books:

    Along with fictional and no fictional books, good reading material for children and youngster are also available in the library.

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    Al Rashidiya - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Al Rashidiya Public Library

    At the Rashidiya Clinic stop, route number 48 from Mamzar Century Mall, makes a stop. By walk it will take approximately 2 minutes to cover the extent of space between Al Rashidiya Public Library and the bus stop, which is 140 meters. From the bus stop head southwest on 44th St, cover 23 meters and then take a right turn. Keep on walking until you reach Public Library Dubai.  To avail more information about the route, take a look at the detailed route map.

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