Chinese Firebolt Mocktail Recipe

Are you tired of drinking alcohol? Want to try something new which is equally fizzy and sparkling? Then you are at right place as we are going to bring a simple twist in a classic drink and amaze you with a non alcoholic drink which is called “Chinese Firebolt Mocktail”

This mocktail has been named after an ancient Chinese dragon that had some blistering powers to set anyone on fire. This drink is so complete that it gives you a cocktail feel without even a single drop of alcohol.

Everybody wants to provide a complete experience to his guests but many forget to add interesting alcohol-free drinks. Chinese firebolt mocktail is such an interesting non alcoholic cocktail that is not only irresistibly tasty but also dead easy to make. Even if you don’t like carbonated water this drink worth a shot.

Instead of offering simple cola, you should go for this drink as it is so full of life and delicious that everyone in your guest list can enjoy. This mocktail is the best option for parties like pre-teen get together, birthdays, pre-college and summer lawn parties.

Mostly, people do not attempt to make such kind of drinks at home and leave it to bar tenders but anyone can do the magic without any major effort by following our simple directions.

Let’s have a look on the making process and trust me it is as easy as turning your hand over. Undoubtedly, a bean job.

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: Nil
Total time: 5 min
Yield: 1 serving
Utensils: A sharp edged knife, bottle/can opener, measuring cup, spoon, serving glass

Calories: 211
Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg

Cherry grenadine syrup: 1 tablespoon
Lime juice: 1 tablespoon
Cola drink: 1 can (12 fluid ounce)
Slice of lemon (for garnishing): 1


  • 1

    Rinse your utensils properly to remove all the dirt and germs.

  • 2

    Take a highball glass and pour cherry grenadine syrup and lime juice in it. Stir to combine.

  • 3

    Now open your soft drink can and pour into glass to mix.

  • 4

    That’s all, you are good to go but do not forget to fix a slice of lemon on top of the glass as it will make your Chinese firebolt more presentable.

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