Difference Between Sucrose and Fructose

Glucose and fructose are a class of carbohydrates. Sucrose is a primary source of energy in the body, the cells of which can absorb it fully for metabolic processes. Fructose, unlike glucose, is completely absorbed by the liver cells in which it is converted into fatty acids. Please note that the abuse of products containing fructose can lead to cardiovascular disease and overweight.

Recommendations of doctors to patients who are overweight, mainly involve limiting foods that contain a large number of fast carbohydrates. With their fast decomposition of sugar into the blood, this can lead to weight gain.

So many people try to buy products without sugar content. But in case they usually contain fructose. The answer to the question of how feasible is such a change can only be achieved with the ability to distinguish Sucrose from fructose.


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    Sucrose (chemical name of sugar) refers to a carbohydrate composed of two monosaccharide residues: glucose and fructose.

    Sugar is one of the most common high-purity carbohydrates (it contains 99.9% carbohydrates, contains proteins, fats, and very few minerals). Typically, the sugar is obtained after separation of the material without further purification, i.e. unrefined. It has a slightly lower calorie and higher biological value, but we should not forget that the difference between brown sugar and refined sugar is marginal.

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    Glycemic index is a measure of the rate of cleavage product, and convert carbohydrates into easily digestible glucose. Note that the fructose in it is much smaller, so foods containing fructose are usually prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes. However, gaining excessive weight is not recommended.

    Fructose is about half as sweet as sugar. However, using fructose, glucose consumption can be reduced. Thus, foods with fructose tend to create problems among people with gall stone disease, allergies, heart ischemia, etc. It is important to remember to completely replace sucrose with fructose not healthy persons as occurs in the liver cells synthesize fatty acids. This leads to obesity.

    In certain cases the use of fructose is useful than glucose. For example, long-term stress of the body: sports, driving, in the elderly. It's features to accelerate the process of alcohol metabolism, strengthen the immune system, stabilize blood sugar levels are used in the manufacture of dietetic products, and a number of therapeutic drugs.

    It is important to know that the satiety depends on the level of blood sucrose and fructose does not affect satiety. So, if you do not track the number of food-products with fructose, there is the risk of quickly gain weight.

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