Free Fun Beach Dubai Overview

The Free Fun Beach in Dubai is like dream beach in terms of activities. For all sports enthusiasts – if you have not been to free fun beach in Dubai, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Thousands of people flock to the Free Fun Beach in Dubai not just for the activities and sports entertainment but for the pleasure of watching it all happen. Sunbathing and splashing in the waters is the second favorite past time of people who hit up free fun beach, but the first past time and probably the most famous reason people come to free fun beach is kite surfing.

This beach has beautiful white sand and clear blue water, but most of all, its got strong winds and lots of ocean side beauty. With strong winds on the beach it makes for perfect conditions for people wanting to defy gravity and soar above the earth like eagles. This sport is one of the top water sports in Dubai beaches and free fun beach is well known as a kite surfer paradise.

So if you have never tried kite surfing we highly recommend you take a trip out to free fun beach and get to experience this crazy sport. Even for spectators you can see tons of parachutes lining the sky and it’s a great place to come watch the activity for sports enthusiasts and onlookers. Umm Suqiem beach and free fun beach have the best conditions for this type of sport. If you’re looking for more information on kite surfing in Dubai check this out.


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    Location of Free Fun Beach in Dubai
    Free fun beach is located in Jumeirah Dubai on the Jumeirah Beach road.

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    How to get to Free Fun Beach in Dubai

    a) Getting to Free Fun Beach in Dubai by Taxi
    For 30-40 AED by taxi you can get to free fun beach from almost any point in the city of Dubai. Just tell the taxi driver you want to go to free fun beach on jumeirah beach road and he will take you there.

    b) Getting to Free Fun Beach in Dubai by Metro
    The red line metro still doesn't connect directly to the jumeirah beach road and all its coastline beaches. So you will need to take the red line metro to marina mall station. Get off at marina mall station and either take a quick 30 minute walk to free fun beach or you can take a 10 AED taxi ride to the beach.

    c) Getting to Free Fun Beach in Dubai By Bus
    We always recommend using a bus planner that gives you access to closest bus routes and bus times and schedules. It will help you plan your trip with the utmost convenience if you choose to travel by bus. click here plan your trip by bus.
    For more details, visit.

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