How to Bathe at a Friend’s House

At times, people often face the issue of bathing at a friend’s place as they are not used to it and thus find it really hard. Most of the times, people face this problem after spending a night at their friend’s place as they have to attend the school, college or need to go to workplace. In some cases, the need to bathe at a friend’s house arises when an individual wakes up late in the morning and is unable to find an empty bathroom in the house and has to go somewhere. The need for such a favour also arises in those cases where people run out of water at their homes and then reach their friends or relatives for the kind favour.

You should be careful while asking your friend for such a favour. You cannot just ask any of your friends to let you in for a shower. Try to understand their needs and availability and pick a friend who faces no such issue. Remember that, you need to be quick and should not waste time there. Apart from that, you also need to take care of several things while taking a shower at friend’s place.


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    You should not reach your friend’s place uninformed. Notify him/her before you leave your house and ask for your friend’s permission. Do not forget to mention the reason of visiting his/her place to take a shower as this will assist you in getting a positive response. Make sure that he/she is not burdened by favouring you and it is easy for him/her to help you in this regard.

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    Do not just take your clothes at your friend’s place instead pack all the things you need while taking a shower. Apart from an extra pair of clothes, you will need a soap, towel, a shampoo and put all these things in a carrying bag. It is up to you whether you use additional things like, deodorant, conditioner, lotion and hair dryer or not.

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    Make sure that it is convenient for your friend and be certain that your friend’s all other family members have taken the shower and you will not disturb any of them.

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    Do not take a lot of time in taking a bath, you should be quick. Be wise while consuming the amount of water.

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    Do not make a mess and leave everything in order.

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