How to Be a Flower Delivery Person

Delivering flowers to people is a dream job for many. The fact that there is no boss looking over your shoulder is what makes this job doubly exciting and rewarding. However, there are many things you need to keep in mind if you want to achieve success in this extremely competitive field of work. For instance, it is extremely important to know the roads in your distribution area; this may be the key to being a successful flower delivery person. Research the charts of your city and nearby places, and try to stay updated on new real estate developments. A GPS will also help you find houses and places that are sometimes not covered by the maps.


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    It is recommended that you do your research about how houses and addresses are numbered. You will find that usually the addresses are in ascending order when the odd numbers are on your left hand side while driving. Similarly, the addresses are bound to be in descending order if the odd numbers are on your right hand side.

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    Always plan ahead. It is advised that you practice laying out your routes so you can improve your productivity and efficiency. Choose which delivery destination is nearest to your place to start with, and then decide on the next sensible delivery destination from there.

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    Secure the blossoms in your automobile in such a way that they won't tip over no matter what. Do not forget to identify the stop that is nearest to your house. Then, think about the next most reasonable stop from the starting point. Make sure you get your orders right at every stop, and work fast so the blossoms get delivered while they are fresh.

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    Always greet your customers with a smile. If you are delivering to houses in a residential area, then the flowers are most likely being delivered for someone’s anniversary, birthday or some other happy event. Express your happiness and feel their enthusiasm when you hand the flowers over to the recipient.

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    Make sure you go into memorial houses and medical centre bedrooms with a feeling of regard and sympathy. Comprehend the feelings of the people in these circumstances, and be as respectful as possible. This will help you improve your reputation as a flower delivery person.

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    Accept other people’s advice with a respectful attitude. Tips from other people can help a flower delivery person perform well under pressure. The tips are rare though, as most recipients will not be expecting you.

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