How to Become a Courier Driver

Courier drivers are meant to deliver important packages and information to other people in a stipulated amount of time for a certain amount of money. They are needed in a number of organizations ranging from government agencies, banks, finance firms, and courier service providers.

The reason why most organizations have their own courier wings is that they handle sensitive information and documents which cannot be entrusted with a third party courier service.

If you like travelling and driving, and want to utilize your driving skills to make a living, then becoming a courier driver is the way to go.


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    If you wish to become a professional courier later in your life, the most important thing you should remember is to stay out of trouble. Even a minor criminal record can cause a lot of hindrance in the way of you becoming a courier

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    Driving skills are off course a must for a courier driver. Inter personal skills are also important, as most of the time couriers have to deliver packages to their clients in person.

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    These days most of the companies do not offer courier training courses and diplomas. They expect you to be good in driving and possess a driving license beforehand. Getting the license depends on the type of courier you want to become. If you want to work in urban neighbourhood, you will spend most of your time on bikes or motor bikes.

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    However, if you wish to become a courier in sub urban areas you will have to do most of your work on a car. For that you will have to earn a commercial driving license. Getting a commercial driving license is a long and complicated process. You need to be 21 years of age, moreover, you should have a normal driving license for the last 2 years and you should have a clean driving record.

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    You should know all traffic rules and regulations when applying for the license of a commercial license. After clearing the computer test, pass the driving test to earn your right to drive commercial vehicles.

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    Get a diploma in courier services to make your resume stand out from the other candidates. Mention in your resume if you have a good know how of the metropolitan area in the specific areas, as it will allow you to deliver packages there.

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