How to Blend Watercolors

Before you can use watercolors for fine art, you would need to learn the right way of blending multiple watercolors.

Knowing the right way of blending watercolors would help make your painting look like that of a pro. Fortunately, blending watercolors is a simple technique and can be learned very easily. However, you will have do some practice before you will be able to blend them perfectly.

Things Required:

– Artist’s pallet with wells
– Pallet knife
– Watercolor paper
– Colors you want to blend together
– Art sponge
– Watercolor paint brush


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    Blend a New Color

    - If you plan to use multiple watercolors and blend them together to make a new one, use a pallet to effectively prevent the watercolor paper from getting muddy.

    - Decide which watercolors you want to use in order to make a new color. Add each watercolor to a separate well on your pallet. This will help you control the amount of each watercolor you want to use to make the final color.

    - For picking up the appropriate amount of watercolor, be sure to wet the lifting end of your pallet knife with water. Without wetting the knife, you will end up lifting more watercolor than required.

    - Add desired amount of each color into a pallet well. You will need to add all the watercolor shades to the same well.

    - Use a pallet knife to stir the watercolors. You might have to add water, one drop at a time, to bring the paint to correct thickness.

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    Blend Colors to Make Transitions

    - Apply water to a sponge and use it to moisten up the surface of the watercolor paper. Make sure that the paper has a tiny bit of water on it because it is important for blending watercolors and eventually creating transitions as desired.

    - Use individual wells in the art pallet for individual colors. Carefully add a small amount of water to the colors until the watercolors you plan on blending are loose, yet thick. Make sure that the water you use is free from impurities such as suspended dust particles.

    - You can now start blending the watercolors. The simplest way to do this is to apply one watercolor on the paper and then overlap it by applying a second one. The water you had applied to the paper and while preparing the watercolors will do the blending automatically.

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