How to Choose Jewellery for an Outfit

The biggest problem girls face after deciding an outfit for a party is choosing the right jewellery to go with it. Jewellery is body adornment, like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, usually made of precious metals set with gemstones. These adornments play a vital role in any woman’s life, but it is important to select the right jewellery for the right occasion. The special occasion could range from a birthday party to an anniversary, and from an engagement to a wedding.

The primary thing to consider when selecting the right jewellery is that it should complement your outfit well. Whilst some clothes are subtle, others are flashy and elaborate, and the jewellery should be chosen considering the nature and texture of the clothes you are going to wear. If your outfit it subtle and simple, balance the look by wearing heavy and ornate pieces of jewellery, but stick to delicate pieces if the outfit is flamboyant.

Things Required:

– Necklace
– Bracelet
– Earrings
– Ring


  • 1

    Choose a necklace

    Start with a necklace. Always make sure that the necklace you have chosen for the party does not cross your shirt’s neckline. A necklace crossing the neckline of your shirt will be acceptable only when you are wearing a super-long beaded piece. Most of the time, you will be wearing a short necklace that sits on the collar bone. When wearing a casual outfit, try pairing it with a more formal piece of jewellery like pearls or a dazzling crystal item.

  • 2

    Accessorizing with bracelets

    A beaded or hinged bracelet can stand alone as an adornment to any outfit.  However, if you have smaller and skinny bracelets then wear several of them together. It is also fun to wear solid formed bangle bracelets.

  • 3

    Select a pair of earrings

    Earrings are the most basic jewellery item for most of the women. Some pieces looking stunning always, like a pair of diamond studs. When choosing a pair of earrings, make sure that besides complementing your outfit, they complement your hairstyle as well. If you have healthy hair, you can get away with bulkier earrings.

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