How to Create Facebook Fan Page Alerts

Are you one among those people who are frustrated and annoyed with their Facebook fan page as it doesn’t inform you or send any notification, whenever there is a new comment or post on your wall? No doubt, it is panicking as you will have to keep a check on your Facebook fan page, checking it time to time in order to see whether or not you have new comments or post on your wall. It is something really irritating and time consuming. However, there is a website by the name of HyperAlerts, which provides an easy solution to this problem. It alerts you through an email when someone leaves comment or posts something on your fan page. So, if you are running a fan page, then HyperAlerts is a perfect tool for you. Moreover, you can add more than one fan page alerts and this tool will send you an email hourly, daily, weekly or anytime, according to your requirement. This article will guide you on creating Facebook fan page alerts in a few minutes:


  • 1

    First of all you have to make an account at HyperAlerts in order to avail their services.

  • 2

    Select whether to Add alert by URL or Add alert from your Facebook user. In this guide, we have selected Add alert from your Facebook user.

  • 3

    Provide the address of your Facebook page, and click the "Add" link.

  • 4

    After adding your Facebook page, you have to configure your alerts. To do this, click on "Edit" option.

  • 5

    This website allows you to add as many alerts as you want to, and even more than one alert for the same page.

  • 6

    That’s all. Click the "Save" link once you are done with configuring of your alerts. Now you will receive all the notifications on your email whenever someone visited or post on your Facebook fan page.

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