How to Do the Hokey Pokey Dance

The Hokey Pokey song and dance started in 1940s but it has not lost popularity despite being old. This form of dance was designed during the Second World War and within few years it became a craze. However, few controversies are also associated with Hokey Pokey as many people claimed that they penned the lyrics.

Most of the times, it is done by the kids as a bonding exercise. Initially, it can be difficult for them as they have to do all the steps according to lyrics but they will get a grip after going through couple of practice sessions.


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    The first thing you need to do is to gather participants and stand forming a circle. Pick those participants who have learned the Hokey Pokey song by heart. Make sure that everyone has enough space to do the moves easily. If few of your participants do not remember the song then place them near to those who can sing flawlessly.

  • 2

    Now sing first part of the song together. It is “You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out”. You will have to perform according to the words so put the relevant hand in front of you and then pull it back as it has been directed in the song.

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    After doing first step, sing the next stanza which is “You put your right hand in and you shake it all about.” In the beginning, you will show your right hand as you did in the previous step and then shake it noticeably. The basic difference in the hand movement is just force as you do it vigorously in the second step.

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    While singing “You do the Hokey Pokey” part, you will take your hand backwards and place them on your hips. Now you will perform a hip twist while keeping your hands at the back.

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    The last part of the song is “You turn around. That’s what it is all about.” On these lines you will perform a 360 degree spin and shake your body.

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    Next step is to prepare for another set of these moves. You should relax your muscles to avoid cramps.

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    After relaxing for a minute, you will repeat above mentioned steps with your left arm, right leg and left leg. Once you are done with all steps, perform a twirl on the spot and fall down in a heap.

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