How to Dress Like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has a different and unique style that always displays a spirit of fun, youth and vigour. Her exuberance and free attitude shows through her dressing. The model and actress is the ideal balance of femininity, flirt and sporty. Moreover, she is a tall and strikingly beautiful blue eyed natural blonde. Before she was an actress, she modeled for Elite. The girl next door has been in a lot of Hollywood movies as well. Some popular films she has starred in are What Happens in Vegas and The Mask. She was also nominated as one of the “50 Most Beautiful” people in the world by People Magazine.


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    You should wear denim jeans at all times. Diaz is mostly seen wearing denim at various events and in a number of interviews. The style of denim is generally a bit washed out during the day and at night it gets darker. Make sure you know that she wears denim in all forms such as jeans, jackets along with tailored blazers. Try to wear jeans that are flared and low rise, to make it flattering. In addition, buy some casual tops as the actress loves t-shirts and tanks. You should wear bright or striped shirts with tight fitting jeans in order to dress like her. Also, have a wide neckline in order to display the collarbone.

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    Select colours wisely as Cameron is amazing at putting on flattering shades. This can be seen in handbags, scarves and other items. When you go shopping, hold the colour up to your face in front of a mirror. Know that a nice colour will make your face beautiful and stand out. Moreover, other colours will have a pale and washed out effect. Also, dress very feminine but casual. Search for tops that have a feminine touch such as ruffles or flower patterns. Cameron is usually seen wearing shirts with cap sleeves in order to display her lovely arms.

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    Finally, after you have styled yourself according to Diaz, give the look a rock and roll style with some accessories. You can do this by adding splashes of colour with a belt, handbag or scarf worn around the neck. Cameron likes hats and normally wears them with casual dresses. She usually wears simple jewelry like one necklace or earrings.

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