How to Flash a DVD Drive

If your DVD drive is giving you problems or not working the way you want, then updating or upgrading its firmware may solve the problem. The firmware is primarily responsible for the drive’s performance, controlling things such as its regional coding and speed at which it spins or reads the disc.

The process of upgrading or updating a DVD drive’s firmware is known as flashing. It should be the last resort for fixing a problem with the DVD drive, as there is a huge risk involved in the procedure. If something goes wrong during the process of flashing the drive, you may find yourself sitting with a piece of scrap.

Things Required:

– Computer
– DVD drive
– Internet connectivity
– DVD Software (Nero Infotool or DVDInfoPro)
– Decompression Software (WinZip or WinRaR)


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    The first thing that you need to do is to determine the exact type of firmware that your DVD drive is using. In order to do this, you will need to identify the kind of drive that you have. The most convenient way of finding out about the firmware that is installed on your drive is to use software such as Nero Infotool or DVDInfoPro, as they can verify your drive’s ID String, which can be used to identify the firmware type and version . You can get the aforementioned software off the internet. Simply use the Google search engine to find a download link for whichever software feels more suitable to your needs.

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    Once you have identified your drive’s firmware, search for an upgraded version on the internet and download it. You will most likely find the required firmware on the official website of your drive’s manufacturer. Just locate the download section, find the required firmware, click download, specify the location on the disk drive where you want the files to be saved and start downloading. The firmware file may be in a compressed form, which means you will have to decompress them using a decompressing tool such as WinZip or WinRaR.

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    Upload the downloaded firmware files to your DVD drive. The procedure of uploading firmware update is a complicated one and varies between drives. Just follow the instructions that came with the downloaded firmware files closely. Do not try to improvise, as that can mess up your drive for good.

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