How to Get a Wedding Reception Planning Checklist

In order to have a perfect wedding reception, you need to plan it several months before. The arrangements and the bookings require a lot of preparation and time. Wedding reception planning checklist is the perfect thing in order to have a great wedding reception. It will help you in organising the wedding reception and arrangements. Furthermore, the checklist will help you when to book the hall and other booking services. Make a timeline based checklist in order to plan a wonderful celebration. You can make timeline checklist on 16 months length.


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    8 to 12 months

    You need to announce the engagement almost a year before the wedding. By this you will have enough time to prepare. In addition to this, your friends and family members will have a lot of time to prepare as well. In case your family members and friends live abroad, they can book in advance and will apply for holidays at their offices for the allotted days. You need to decide the budget for your wedding now so you will book places and other things accordingly. You will have an idea how much you want to spend. Book the wedding ceremony venue and the reception venue now. In case you book it later, it is possible that the place you want to have wedding may already be booked due to the wedding season.

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    4 to 8 months

    Now you need to book the catering service providers, photographers, videographer and a DJ for the reception. You need to arrange the music system also. It is possible that your DJ rents the system. Decide the whole crew you are going to work with and tell them their responsibilities. Also decide the theme, floral arrangement and bridesmaid’s outfit. Furthermore, you need to make the final guest list in this time period. You should also start the rehearsal dinner and arrange transport for guests living far from the town.

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    2 to 3 months

    You need to send out the wedding invitations. On the other hand you need to taste the cake in order to choose the right one for your wedding. Also pick out your drink selection and book the hairdresser and makeup artist for your wedding day.

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    1 month and less

    You need to finalize all the arrangements and direct the details with your florist, photography, musicians etc. Check the final fittings of your and bridesmaids’ dresses. Tell the caterer and reception venue the number of guests coming.

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