How to Get Free Education Online

Advancements in information technology over the previous decades have brought about a revolution in the world, with people having more access to information than ever before. Mostly due to the Internet, information of all sorts is readily available and can be exchanged very quickly. The instant exchange of knowledge has changed the lives of millions around the world, with many schools, colleges and universities also providing online education. Some educational institutes are profiting a lot due to online education, as the expenses involved are very less. However, if you are smart, and follow a few basic instructions, you can take online education without paying anything.


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    Obtain information

    Many universities are offering opencourseware and sharing curriculum over the internet just like code sharing and open source software. The first step towards getting education online is to collect all the relevant information. You need to keep in mind that you can study any subject you want as long as you have access to a computer and the Internet.

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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) free courses

    MIT offers a number of free courses over the internet. It is advised that you visit the official website of the MIT and browse through all the available options. On the website you will have access to more than 1700 lectures, exams/tests and many other resources which can be extremely valuable.

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    Youtube is one of the most popular websites, hosting millions of videos on a wide range of informational topics. Search related material on Youtube and chances are high that you will get many free video lectures in the language you prefer.

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    Use search engines efficiently

    If you are looking to get free education over the Internet, you should be able to search efficiently on different search engines. Write keywords regarding your subject on websites like Google, MSN and Yahoo. If you have written the proper keywords, you should be able to find the lectures easily. You can also search about universities, colleges and schools that offer online education free of cost.

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    Search for free libraries

    You should locate free libraries over the internet so that you can have access to more resources and authentic books related to your subjectsof choice. You won't have to spend any money on your education if you use these free resources.

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