How to Get Rid of Rodents Naturally

Currently, there are approximately 2277 species of rodents around the world; wild mice and rats being two most common species. If rodents are dwelling in your premises, you would want to get rid of them as soon as possible because of the health hazards they can pose. Here are a few things you will need to get rid of rodents naturally.

Things Required:

– Mousetraps
– Gift bows
– Vitamin D3 rodent bait
– Live animal traps
– Gift bags
– Glue boards
– Rodent traps
– Wrapping paper
– Gift ribbons
– Tissue paper


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    On a regular basis, make an inspection of your premises, keeping an eye out for possible signs of rodents. Telltale dropping both in and out of your home point towards the existence of rodents in your premises.

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    Get rid of water and food sources which may be present in your garden, attic and any closets in your home. Instruct your children not to eat food at any place other than the dining room. Moreover, keep the trash bins in your premises covered with a metal lid at all times and dispose of junk food in trash bins made of metal.

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    Wood piles, garden debris and junk sheds are a great attraction for rodents. Be sure to get rid of such things in order to discourage rodents from nesting on your property.

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    Make it a habit to turn the contents of the compost bin in your property at least once every week. The aim is to ensure that no critters have been feeding on the contents of the compost bin.

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    Block points which the rodents might use to enter your home. Tiny holes around pipes, vents, doors and windows can all be used by rodents. Block them all with 100 percent silicone caulk. Check for holes twice if necessary and block any new holes you find during your second inspection.

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    Bait a number of live and snap traps and set them at various different places around your places. Release any rodents that you catch at a far off place. You can use pieces of cheese and bread to bait the traps. Alternatively, you can place a number of glue boards in pathways you think are being used by rodents.

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    If nothing seems to work, natural rodent poison with Vitamin D3 can be used to get rid of rodents. Even a small amount of Vitamin D3 when eaten by a rodent is good enough to kill the rodent in a couple of days at the most. Make sure that you spread the poison at places where rodents are seen frequently.

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