How to Grow Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts got their name on account of their popularity in Belgium. They make delicious dishes when cooked in the proper manner and are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D and dietary fibre. This makes them a healthy option to cook and earns them the title of ‘super food’. They come under winter vegetables and can be consumed fresh from September to February. However, they grow rather slowly and can take up to several months to mature. Follow some simple techniques to help you grow Brussels sprouts.

Things Required:

– Small Pots
– Compost
– Seeds
– Fertilizer
– Ammonium Sulphate


  • 1

    Brussels sprouts need a lot of space to grow. Allow a gap of at least 75 cm between the plants so that they can grow fully without any obstruction. Brussels sprouts grow tall and this makes them susceptible to fast wind which can weaken their roots and lower the yield. A sheltered region which offers protection from the wind can help in acquiring a healthy yield.

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    Start the Brussels sprouts indoors in small pots. The seeds can be bought from a local nursery or friends who have stored seeds. Water them regularly and keep them near a source of sunlight like the window sill. Transplant the plants outside in a prepared ground when the weather gets warm.

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    Brussels thrive in soil which is rich in nitrogen. As leaves are the main part of the Brussels sprouts, they need nitrogen as a reactant for proteins. The Brussels sprouts need at least six hours of sunlight for optimum growth. Basically fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen is ideal for growing great Brussels sprouts. If they are given extra feed just around mid-August, they will give a bumper yield. You can also scatter some drops of Ammonium Sulphate or a couple of teaspoons of dried blood around the base of the plant to make the conditions ideal.

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    For healthy sprout growth, draw some earth around the stems of the plants and spread a layer of mulch or compost on them in autumn. Mulch helps in providing nutrients to the plants and the compost helps in water retention. Water them regularly to accelerate growth and strengthen roots to protect them from the wind. The Brussels sprouts can be used fresh during the winter months.

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