How to Know When to Applaud In a Theatre

People often face the problem of applauding at inappropriate moments in a theatre which eventually leads them to embarrassment. This can be due to a couple of reasons including lack of confidence or lack of attention. It is very important that one should applaud in theatre at the right moment otherwise you will be disturbing the audience and the performer. Of course you do not want to interrupt the show and disturb other but to enjoy the performance. Therefore, you should remember that one should applaud every moment but at the exceptional ones.

No doubt that there is no harm in appreciating the performers but you should be certain that their performance is not affected by your appreciation. Applauding frequently in a theatre may reflect that you are least interested in the show and there is a high probability that some people will mind you doing that. You should be careful while applauding in a theatre. In a theatre, there are two must events when the audience applauds, which are just before the commencement of the show and after the conclusion.


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    Note that, you are supposed to applaud at the beginning of the play. Applauding before the start of the play gives confidence to the performers and reflects the positivity of the audience.

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    If a famous person appears in the play, you should also applaud at his entrance. In case of classical music, audience is expected to clap at the appearance of conductor on the stage.

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    You should also applaud if the performance of a specific person concludes during a play.

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    During a play, you should also applaud at the moments which you think extraordinary. Keep in mind that there is a limit to applaud at the performance of a particular person otherwise it will portray that you are taunting him, so you should appreciate him in a proper way. Do not go for hooting but be gentle.

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    You should watch the show quietly and when it ends, give the performers a huge round of applause. Make sure that the applause begins before the performers leave the stage. In case of plays, the audience appreciates the performance until the stage is covered by curtains. In case of music, the conductor will conclude the show by lowering his hands in front of the audience, now is the best time to applaud.

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