How to Lose Weight from Face

Imagine John Travolta’s face on Angelina Julie’s body, and you will realise how imbalance physique one could have. No offence to John, his face compliments his body. However, a bulky face on a slim body often becomes a massive reason of embarrassment.

Technically, it sounds odd to lose weight from just one part of the body, because it is something which occurs simultaneously throughout the body. Fortunately, there is a way to take care of this problem.


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    First of all, you should reduce your salt and sugar intake. It has been leant that most people gain weight on their faces due to water retention. Refined sugar and salt play big parts in this and as a result, your face starts looking heavier. Therefore, use low-salt and low-fat diets, alongside plenty of vegetables and fruits to strengthen your metabolic system.

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    Drink massive amount of water every day. If you do not take enough water, you automatically retain water. In case of less water, the body simply retains water in order to avoid dehydration. At least 64 ounces of water are recommended in a day. If you find trouble in having this amount of water, try to eat more vegetables and fruits.

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    Be very careful about your medication. Many drugs cause water retention and therefore, you need to either totally avoid those or cut down the quantity. In case of prescribed medication, consult your doctor and ask him to find a way out. Don’t leave necessary medicines even if they cause facial puffiness, because your health is more important than your face.

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    No alcohol is suggested. This liquid plays a massive part when it comes to facial weight gain. Alcohol becomes a cause of dehydration and as a result, the process of water retention picks up the pace. Furthermore, the liquid contains plenty of sugar and extra calories. So, if you are dieting, say no to alcohol.

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    Exercising is the most important part. By doing so, you boost your metabolism. When you exercise, your body asks for more energy, which it extracts from the fat on your body.

    Eat more proteins in your daily diet, like eggs. Instead of pouring salt on your meal, use lemon. Try to be active with your mouth, like chew a bubblegum. Push your cheeks towards outside by filling the air in your mouth.

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