How to Lose Weight on a Tuna Diet

Tuna is a healthy yet tasty food. It is not very expensive, and those who are interested in losing weight can easily find it in the market. Tuna meat not only gives your body plenty of nutrients, but also strengthens your muscles to a great deal.

The body builders these days use this food very much, because it quickly removes extra fat on your body. You don’t need to spend too much money on dieting purposes, because tuna is cheap as well as widely available.

By going on a tuna diet, you make this meat as the single source of your nutrition. There are no questions over the effectiveness of the diet, but we don’t recommend this in the long term, because it is not healthy, and deprives your body of some very important nutrients.


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    You should take at least six ounces of tuna every day. It is very important that you eat after equal intervals. Take each serving of the tuna food after two to three hours. Preparing this meat is not a tough task. One can easily get inexpensive canned tuna from the market, but you can also cook it at home. Although the oil does not make much different, try to eat canned tuna packed in water.

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    Take plenty of water, especially between the tuna servings. By maximizing water intake, you can easily cut down your hunger. It also creates a feeling of satiety. Increasing your liquid intake is a very important part.

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    Trusting all on tuna food is not the right way. You must take a couple of multivitamins too. Taking mineral as well as vitamins is a very crucial part of the tuna diet, because you will hardly find much of these in the meat.

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    Tuna diet is not as comfortable as it seems. Without any pain, there is no gain. So, you should prepare yourself for some trouble. Hunger pangs are headaches might come to your way during the tuna diet. Be mentally strong, because thing might get tricky. Tuna diet is extremely effective in the short term, but if you cannot handle the impact, you better choose some easier ways.

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    Take tea or coffee, but without any sugar. Eat no more than one slice of bread if needed. A half grapefruit is another good healthy food that you may take during the process. Tuna diet produces results within three to four days.

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