How to Make Lips Appear Fuller

Human definition of beauty has evolved over the years with new parameters and standards. However, there are a few things that have remained constant and continue to be symbols of beauty. Full lips are one of them. Fuller lips give your face a healthier and sexier look. No wonder they are one of the most desired features on the face. Many are naturally blessed with them. Those who are not, strive hard to make their lips fuller with surgeries and injections. However, with advances in makeup art and tactics, you can make your lips appear fuller without enduring these painful and risky methods. These ways are easy and can be done on a regular basis.


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    Wear lip gloss:

    Wear lip gloss at all times. At night, apply Vaseline onto your lips. Lip glosses are available in different shades and flavors. So you can select your favorite color and gloss of your desired flavor. Gloss give your lips an appearance of being fuller. Not only that, they also protect your lips from dryness and harmful effects of the sun.

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    Make lips fuller with lipstick:

    Applying lipstick in a tactful way is going to make the illusion of fuller lips. Apply thin lip liner just outside the lining of your lips. Use your finger to blend in the lip liner. Concentrate on making the shape of the upper lip really w ell because it determines the shape of your whole lips. Now apply your lip stick till the edges of the liner. Lighten the lipstick by pressing in a tissue paper between your lips. Apply a thin layer of lip gloss over the lipstick so that there is a shine and sense of fullness.  The lipstick will keep with you all day if you do not eat at it or wash your face. You will however, have to refresh the gloss with time.

    It is a generally known rule that lighter colors of lipstick and gloss are better at giving fuller look.

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    Apply a touch of white eye liner:

    This is a genius trick that you can play to make your lip pop out. Take  a white eye liner and apply it below the lower lip. Also apply it just above where the lips make the cupid bow. Blend it in with your fingers so that it is not obvious. Now apply any gloss. The white liner will make the lips shine and appear fuller.

    If you have dark complexion, use an eye pencil liner that is tan. However, it should be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

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