How To Make Thin Lips Appear Fuller

Lips play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of females and they always try their best to make their lips look fuller. However, many females have thin lips but they know how to make their lips appear fuller with the help of makeup. At the same time, there are many females who want fuller lips but they do not know how to make a proper use of makeup to make their lips fuller. If you also have thin lips and want to make them fuller, then this post can help you in this regard.


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    First of all, you should take a lip liner and apply it on the natural out line of your lips and make sure that the line you draw with the liner is thin.

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    Try your best to focus on the upper lip while using the lip liner because the makeup does not become prominent on the upper lip.

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    You should use a cotton swab or your finger to pull the lip liner towards your lips which will help you avoid spreading it outwards.

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    Make sure you have not drawn the line with lip liner that is wide from the outer edge of your lips as it will not give a perfect touch to the lips.

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    Now apply your lipstick as you always do but make sure that you do not cross the line that you have already made on the outer edges of your lips.

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    Then you need to blot your lipstick by using a tissue paper. Place this tissue paper between your lips and press them which will print your lips on the paper. Examine this paper in order to determine that you have blotted your lipstick appropriately.

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    You should apply a thin layer of lip gloss over the lipstick that you have already applied on your lips. It will give shine to your lips and make them appear fuller.

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    Applying lip gloss will also help in protecting your lips from wear. You can reapply lip gloss if a few hours have passed and you are not yet finished with the party or any function etc.

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    Fuller lips always attract a huge number of people when you decorate them with smile. Smile adds beauty to lips and smiling females always get appreciation because smile makes the lips appear fuller.

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