How to Make Wedding Seat Arrangements

One of the many things to decide in planning for a wedding reception is the seating arrangement. If you take out time and put some effort in it, it will assure that your guests are comfortable. It is an effective method to avoid any sort of confusion and ciaos at the main event. If the seating is not decided beforehand, the guests will be confused and many will feel uncomfortable in seating themselves at the reception. You know the guest list and also are a better judge of who should be seated with whom. So don’t forget this important detail when planning your reception. These tips will make the planning easier for you.


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    Visit the venue to familiarize yourself with it. Then make a plan in writing. Decide the number of tables you want and how many seats can each table accommodate. Mark the placements of the band, the entrance, exit and toilets. Assign a number to each table to make the planning easier. Take a look at your guest list to categorize guests according to relations: friends, family, acquaintances, work etc. this classification will help in deciding which person belongs where. Start with the family members and decide who might be comfortable in sitting next to each other. The family should be seated closer to the main table. Also keep in mind that each table should have both men and women.

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    After family is done, deal with the rest of the guests. The options are either to put friends together or partner old with new. You could accommodate some new faces on every table but in keep in mind that people feel at ease with friends, so the mix should be balanced. If there are few guests who don’t know anybody, place them according to age groups or similar interests. Take help from you mom in deciding how to seat your parent’s friends. Avoid making a couples or a singles table. This might embarrass them. Assign a table for kids too. Place the kids together sp that they can have fun, and let their parents have a good time too.

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    After the plan is done, write some place cards. This will show your concern and appreciation for your guests. Write a thank you line to make them feel special. Put name on each card and place it according to the seating arrangement, your caterer can help in organizing them.
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