How to Manage Address Book in Yahoo Mail

The Address Book in Yahoo is now renamed as ‘Contacts Folder’. The details in your address book remains unchanged, it is still there, only the name of the folder has been changed. Between the icon of Calendar and Trash, Contacts folder is present. Yahoo Contact Folder is very easy to manage, due to which it is high in popularity and compatibility. You can add delete, restore or include new information in the contact’s present information.  You just can’t carry your address book everywhere and it has become really hard for people to keep their contacts safe on a piece of a paper, which is why Yahoo Address Book facilitates its users to keep the track of their contacts.


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    Add New Contacts to Your Address Book

    Though you can easily add a new address in your contact folder, but this can be done automatically; if you send a mail through your yahoo account for the first time the contact will be added into your address book automatically. For this procedure you will have to follow few steps mentioned as follow:

    After getting logged into your account, drag your cursor towards ‘Options’ and click.

    From the drop down menu select Mail Options

    Select the General Category and then check the ‘Automatically Add New Recipient to Contacts’ box present below Sending Message.

    Then close the ‘Option’ tab and click ‘OK’ when it asks you ‘Do you want to Save Your Changes?’

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    How to Delete an Address form the Contact Folder

    You can delete an address from the contact folder by following the procedure stated below:

    The contacts displayed on the left side of the page have a check box.

    Click the ones you wish to delete; you can delete more than one address.

    On the right side of the page you can view few options, click delete form the options, and then you will have to confirm the deletion of the selected addresses.

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    Restore the Deleted Contacts

    The contact which you have deleted can be restored if you want to; but within a month time you can restore the contacts.

    On the left side of your screen you can see the option ‘Shortcut’, below this option click the ‘Deleted Contacts’.

    A list of those contacts will appear on your screen which you were deleted by you. Check box will be present along each contact. The ones which you wish to restore check those boxes.

    On the right side of the page ‘Restore’ tab is present along with ‘Delete Permanently’. Click ‘Restore’ and your contact will be restored.

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    Add information in the contact’s address:

    You can also add additional new information to the contact that is already present in your contact list. You just have to click the contact and then edit. Add relevant information and click ‘OK’.

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