Pregnancy Announcement Emails

Pregnancy announcement emails are sent to friends and family members after someone is pregnant. The purpose of this email is to inform all your closed ones about your condition and let them know that there is going to be an addition in the family.

In the first paragraph of the email, you must let the recipient know about your pregnancy. Tell him/her that you are pregnant and the doctor has advised you to take care.

In the second paragraph of your email, you should try to go into some details to give a better understanding to the recipient. You must tell him/her for how long you have been pregnant and what does the doctor say about your condition and the condition of the baby.

In the third paragraph, you should ask the recipient to pray for your and baby’s health. You should also ask him/her to share this news with others.


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    Sample of Pregnancy Announcement Email


    Subject: Pregnancy Announcement Email

    Dear Samantha,

    I am so delighted to share the news of my pregnancy with you. The news has been confirmed by a doctor and he states that everything is fine. He just advised me not to take any pressure and keep consuming a healthy diet.

    The doctor has stated that the body weight is perfect for baby and things will be on the safer side if I proceeded with care. I have been three-weeks pregnant and the doctor claims the condition of baby to be perfect.

    I would like you to tell my other friends about this news and do not forget to attend the dinner that I would be organising as a celebration party.

    Yours sincerely,

    Julia Richards

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    Template of Pregnancy Announcement Email

    To: [email address of the person]

    Subject: Pregnancy Announcement Email

    Dear [name of the person],

    I would like to inform you about the news of my pregnancy that has been confirmed by the [name of the doctor] who sits in [name of the hospital/clinic].

    After performing my complete check up, the doctor said that I am [enter the duration of pregnancy] pregnant and the baby is fine. He also advised me to take my diet seriously and do not skip any meals.

    I would be thankful to you, if you share the news with other friends and colleagues.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name]

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