How to Organize Jewelry in a Drawer

The love of jewelry is mutual among women of all ages as it is an obsession that they can never get over. This obsession leads to a collection of jewelry which can be hard to store in an organized manner. Drawers are one of the most convenient places to keep jewelry. However, if the jewelry collection is stuffed randomly inside, it can become hard to select pieces and separate them from each other. Properly organizing jewelry in drawers can save you a lot of time.

Things Required:

– Shoe Box
– Ribbon
– Decorative Paper
– Tissue Paper
– Velvet
– Cloth Pouch
– Tea Cups


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    One universal rule that most women apply while organizing jewelry is to keep the same item types together like bracelets, necklaces and earrings in separate sets. This makes it easier to arrange the items and to remember the location of each piece.

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    Boxes and bags help in organizing jewelry inside a drawer. Keeping several distinct boxes for the different sets of jewelry is helpful in giving an organized and neat look. It also prevents any tangling of the jewelry pieces with each other which can cause breakage. If a single big box is used, dividers within the box can help in organizing. Jewelry boxes can also be made at home by using shoe or other types of boxes.

    Cover them with fancy paper and decorate them with ribbons to get beautiful boxes to store jewelry in at very little cost. One important thing to take care of while arranging jewelry in boxes is to make sure that none of the pieces overlap. Contact with each other can make the pieces scratch and strain, losing their perfect appeal.

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    Jewelry pieces can be wrapped in tissue paper or velvet to maintain their shine and to avoid any discoloration. Extra care has to be taken when dealing with delicate pieces. Soft cloth pouches are ideal for jewelry which are prone to tarnish due to contact with metal. Cloth pouches for delicate and expensive jewelry like pearls and gems can be both bought commercially and also be sewn at home with little effort.

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    Tea cups are one of the innovative and stylish ways to organize jewelry within a drawer. Get small tea cups, preferably for every set of your jewelry and place them inside. The cups are open at the mouth which makes finding the right jewelry very easy.

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