How to Photograph a European Vacation

European countries are one of the most beautiful places to capture scenic and historic photographs. You can find many castles, gardens and ancient ruins to explore and take snaps with your family and friends. In most of the European countries, rail service is good which will lower the costs on rental cars, increasing the overall budget. In addition to these, you can easily access the places you want to visit on foot or taxi after using the rail. You simply need to research the area via internet and then take snaps after reaching those locations.

Things Required:

– A digital camera
– Enough money for travelling to travel
– Internet access


  • 1

    Take snaps of the familiar monuments

    You need to take photographs of the most popular monuments present there such as Eiffel Tower in Paris or London Bridge in United Kingdom. However, it is difficult to take pictures of these buildings. For this purpose you are required to get wide variety of angle lens in order to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower or any other tall building. You can get postcards of these famous sites but in order to get yourself in the scenario, you need to come prepared.

  • 2

    Photographs at famous spots

    You need to take pictures of yourself and your family at famous spots. It is possible that you might not get near the site because of the traffic. However, you can take snap from a distance. This will definitely capture the moment and will be more valuable than a lifeless postcard.

  • 3

    Take snaps inside museum and public buildings

    You should take photographs from inside the public buildings and museums. Take pictures of the things which inspire you. People usually line up for getting a picture with a portrait of Mona Lisa. One of the famous sculptures is Winged Victory in Louvre. You are not allowed to take flash pictures there but you can manage to get a snap.

  • 4

    Visit gardens

    When you are visiting castles in Europe, you should definitely see Gardens. This is because in summers light stays till 10 p.m. especially in Northern France. The gardens there are beautiful and amazing. You will love to take pictures of it.

  • 5

    Use monuments as backdrops

    You can use monuments as background image in Europe. Simply let your family stand in front of a monument and take picture. You can enjoy the whole trip to Paris when your family is standing in front of a monument and you have captured the moment. In contrast if you bought a postcard of that image, it won’t value you.

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