How to Protect Civil Rights as a Biker

You as a biker in the United States of America (USA) have as many civil rights and protection as any other citizen of the country. You should be aware of your rights and must exercise them at the time a need arises. For example, if you are stopped by a police warden, you have the right to be treated as fairly as any other person should be, according to the law. Be assured you have specifically read and know about the laws that protect your civil liberty and freedom of speech. You can otherwise be subjected to any form of harassment.


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    Bikers sometimes are seen as a cult because of their culturally rich lifestyle, particularly their gear that makes them appear different to others. Also, their exclusively and distinctly shaped bikes  make them even more visible wherever they go. In the context, some people might even attempt to subject them of an abuse of any type, especially verbal. The bikers should however know they enjoy as many civil rights as any other citizen of the country and they must exercise them, especially if the discrimination done to them is from a state individual or institution.

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    The bikers should know their rights of civil liberty and freedom of expression or speech. They should not let anyone discriminate them provided they have been not involved in any violation that can give an excuse to the person who discriminates to get away with it. For example, as a biker it is also necessary for you to follow all traffic rules and if a cop stops you, you give them a chance to fulfill their duty properly.

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    You have a right not to sign any paper other than a traffic warning if demanded by a federal agent of traffic warden. The police has right to demand relevant documents from you and carry out the procedure according to the law if you are unable to produce them at that moment. However, under the law they can demand from you to sign any other piece of paper, which they might use to implicate you in anything that you have not done.

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    You have the right to remain silent except for asking relevant questions posed by the cop. Nothing more or less, and if you speak unnecessarily the police might use it as an evidence against you. So remain silent and let the police carry out their work within the law until they are done with and off you go with your bike.

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    You also have a right to not offer you consent to let police search your vehicle or home. Although you have less privacy rights on the road, at home you enjoy all the civil liberty and privacy rights and do not consent to any demand for search of your house. There is a possibility that you are set up in something that you have not done. You can even talk to your lawyer if you feel that the police have been chasing you around to an extent that you feel harassed.

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